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Successful Implementation of Commercial Banking Solutions with Alkami

Mascoma Bank

Samantha Pause, Chief Innovation and Brand Officer at Mascoma Bank, discusses their collaboration with Alkami. Mascoma Bank, a certified B Corporation serving northern New England since 1899, is dedicated to people, planet, and profit. Samantha highlights the unique technology stack at Mascoma Bank and how Alkami’s adaptable approach to commercial banking solutions has facilitated a successful partnership.

Alkami has really stood apart as a vendor that has been very much focused on how they support us,” she says, transforming the client-vendor relationship into a dynamic partnership.

Samantha shares valuable insights from their implementation experience, emphasizing the importance of proactive involvement and effective project management. 

“You really have to own part of that process,” she advises, urging banks to avoid passivity and actively engage in the implementation. 

By rolling out the new Alkami commercial banking solution in phases, Mascoma Bank and Alkami tackled issues incrementally, ensuring a smoother transition for customers. 

“Every time we did an implementation with a group of customers, we would find some pain points…and it allowed us to pivot and solve those issues,” Samantha explains.

This thoughtful approach not only improved the customer experience but also allowed Mascoma Bank to refine their processes. Samantha recommends involving complex users early in the rollout to uncover unique use cases and address them proactively. 

“It allows you to really understand…use cases that they have that you’re not even gonna be aware of,” she notes. 

This collaborative effort between Mascoma Bank and Alkami highlights the value of partnership and innovation in delivering superior commercial banking solutions.

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