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Measuring Digital Banking Platform Success from Implementation to Innovation

NASA Federal Credit Union

In choosing Alkami as their digital banking platform, NASA Federal Credit Union was transitioning from an account-centric to a member-centric experience. NASA FCU knew this change required extensive employee training and communication to set members up for success. Following their implementation, NASA FCU wanted to observe key metrics such as adoption rate, login rate, new registrations, and app store ratings. Their launch went smoothly and NASA’s app store ratings drastically increased to a 4.7 in a matter of days. 

By selecting Alkami, NASA FCU felt that Alkami offered best-of-breed digital banking solutions. As NASA FCU plans for the future, the credit union’s goal is to maximize the platform’s capabilities for personalization, marketing, and innovation through Alkami’s fintech partnerships – allowing them to accelerate speed to market faster than ever before. Through their partnership with Alkami, the possibilities for NASA FCU are limitless.

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