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How Popular is At-Home DNA Testing?

This image shows a chart titled “At-home DNA Testing Slowly on the Decline”

What we're seeing

At-home DNA testing is a relatively new concept, attractive to those who want to unlock insights about their health, ancestry, and more.  

Alkami Research looked at trends in transactions for two popular at-home DNA testing services over the last five years. Similar to what we saw in our VR Tech Trends Research a few weeks ago, at-home DNA test kits seem to be a popular holiday gift with spikes in transactions in November and December each year. However, the overall trend since 2020 continues to decline.  

DNA testing is an intriguing concept, but it lacks repeatability. And assuming the early adopter market has largely been addressed, those remaining are even less likely to buy the service.  Demand may also be declining due to greater consumer privacy concerns: DNA testing companies have not been immune to data breaches.

Takeaway & Call to action for FIs

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Alkami Telemetry Data for this figure was sourced from a panel of 22 financial institutions with more than 2.5 million account holders and over 1.5 billion transactions.
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