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How Connexus Credit Union is Elevating their Digital Banking Platform with Alkami Developer Tools

Connexus Credit Union wanted their digital members to be able to find all the information they needed within their digital banking platform, without having to refer back to their marketing website.

To create parity between their online banking experience and their traditional website, Connexus leveraged Alkami developer tools including the Alkami Software Development Kit (SDK), to create personalized and targeted offers to members directly within their digital banking platform.

When asked about their experience using the Alkami developer tools, Connexus noted ease of use, support and transparency that enabled them to create new functionality within their platform. “Alkami’s developer tools stood out by having a very robust SDK. There was a ton of support, everything was well-documented, and the process of developing and implementing new code was very rewarding.” – Jeramey Litzman (Director, Digital Banking, Connexus Credit Union)

In addition, Connexus wanted to provide a more customized experience, which led them to create a ‘Checking Rewards’ widget for their members that displayed targeted content to specific members. By implementing this widget, Connexus is able to keep their members more engaged inside of the digital banking platform. 

Embedding marketing content with the digital banking platform has resulted in measurable growth for Connexus. “Our digital banking constitutes 28% of total loan applications from existing members. We know 100% that’s coming from our marketing content inside of digital banking.”

What’s next for Connexus in 2024? They are leveraging the Alkami SDK to build a new ‘Help Content’ widget for mobile, as well as a ‘Disclosures’ widget. Beyond that, they continue to keep an open mind to the sheer possibilities that the Alkami SDK can bring to them in augmenting and improving their digital banking platform.

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