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Alkami Telemetry Data Reveals Emerging Tech Adoption Themes

February 6, 2024 (Plano, Texas) – Alkami Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: ALKT) (“Alkami”), a leading cloud-based digital banking solutions provider for financial institutions in the U.S., recently released proprietary data focused on emerging technology adoption, providing insight into areas such as how much consumers utilize these new technologies along with behavior patterns for cryptocurrency usage.

Alkami Telemetry Research uncovers intelligence, strategic insight, and behavioral trends within account holder transactions to inform regional and community banks and credit unions. Alkami Telemetry Data was sourced from a panel of more than 2.5 million account holders and over 1.5 billion transactions.

Alkami’s research into consumer adoption of emerging technology trends is designed to help financial institutions understand their account holders’ behavior and better anticipate future needs.

The research findings include:

“These insights about consumer spending on emerging tech are based upon Alkami’s deep expertise in transaction enrichment and analysis. Financial institutions can uncover useful spending patterns, competitive intelligence, and financial health cues within their own data with the help of experts in transaction enrichment and analysis,” said Mark Leher, director, product management at Alkami. “This intelligence can be used as a driver for financial institutions to ensure relevant messaging and outreach to account holders through digital channels.”

Alkami’s Customer Insights product, part of its Data and Marketing Solutions, provides actionable insights derived from account holder transaction data that can inform smarter marketing strategies and drive more personalized engagements.

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