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Unlock the Power of Data: Insider Tips for Successful Financial Services Marketing Campaigns

Have you ever felt like your financial services marketing campaigns could use a boost? Maybe you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with your audience or struggling to make the most of your data insights?

We’ve gathered some tips straight from our Data & Marketing Client Success team to help you unlock the full potential of your campaigns and supercharge your marketing efforts. First, let’s hear from Meritrust on how they use Alkami Data & Marketing Solutions:

Now that we’ve heard how Meritrust is successful with Alkami Data & Marketing Solutions, let’s dive into the first key tip from our Client Success team: Consistency is Key.

  1. Consistency is Key: According to Sarah Mealey, Manager of Client Success, the key to success lies in consistent, relevant messaging that caters to individuals at different stages of their financial journeys.In today’s competitive landscape, financial institutions (FIs) are not just expected to offer financial products and services; they’re also tasked with nurturing lasting relationships with their account holders. Just as FIs strive for consistency and relevance in their messaging to cater to individuals at different stages of their financial journeys, it’s crucial for financial services marketing vendors to adopt a similar approach.

“Our Client Success Manager has been instrumental to our success. The expertise that she provides our organization is greatly appreciated. The ability to leverage our member data has resulted in a valued partnership that is very beneficial to our organization.”

– Alisha Johnson, Chief Growth Officer, Ideal Credit Union

  1. Empower Your Team: Rachel Ulizzi, Operations Analyst, emphasizes the importance of sharing data insights across all lines of business. By empowering your entire team, including front-line staff, with access to valuable information, you can build stronger relationships and better understand your account holders’ needs.

“You never know what an account holder is looking for in their financial journey. Our data insights provide the opportunity to leave no customer behind in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities to improve financial health or grow share of wallet.”

– Laurie McMaster, Lead Client Success Manager 

  1. Forge Strong Partnerships: Ben Udell, SVP Client Experience, Lake Ridge Bank, highlights the importance of building a strong partnership with your Client Success Manager. Having a dedicated expert on hand can provide invaluable guidance and support, ultimately benefiting your organization’s success.

“They’re a part of the team, really. And that was a surprise to us when we initially rolled out the solution. It didn’t take us long to feel like Laurie, our Client Success Manager, was basically another person on our marketing team.

– Ben Udell, SVP Client Experience, Lake Ridge Bank

Watch the full FIsionaries episode featuring Ben Udell, Lake Ridge Bank’s SVP Client Experience here.

  1. Digital Transformation: Ben also stresses the significance of embracing digital transformation to stay relevant and profitable. Leveraging data effectively can drive meaningful insights and ultimately enhance your bottom line.

“When you think about this digital transformation, we’re learning a lot as we go. And that global look to help us understand how we’re best utilizing the system, making it more relevant, ultimately, at the end of the day, it’s going to make us more profitable.”

– Ben Udell, SVP of Client Experience, Lake Ridge Bank

  1. Personalization Matters: Lynn Kisselbach, Client Success Manager, highlights the impact of personalizing messages to reach account holders effectively. Tailoring financial services marketing communications can make a significant difference in engagement and retention.

“Personalizing the message makes such a difference in reaching account holders.”

– Lynn Kisselbach, Client Success Manager

  1. Attention to Success: Cayla Keyes, VP & Retail Sales Manager at INB, emphasizes the importance of attentive support from your Client Success Manager. Building a strong relationship with vendors can be instrumental in achieving success and maximizing your investments.

“Our Client Success Manager has been so attentive and really committed to our success. She was instrumental in helping us understand the platform and how to tailor it to our needs. I can say honestly Alkami has been one of the best vendors we’ve ever worked with from that aspect.”

– Cayla Keyes, VP & Retail Sales Manager, INB

  1. Seize Opportunities: Patrick Garritano, Senior Client Success Manager, underscores Alkami’s financial services marketing capability to seize opportunities in real-time. By leveraging data insights, you can deliver timely messages that resonate with your account holders.

“Your account holders are telling you what’s important to them in their transactions. The platform allows you to tell them you hear them and understand them. As quickly as you can think of an opportunity to message your account holders, the platform allows you to present that message within moments.”

– Patrick Garritano, Senior Client Success Manager

  1. Let Data Lead: Alex Torres, Client Success Manager, highlights the power of data in identifying missed relationship opportunities and delivering consistent messaging across all business units.

“Alkami empowers our clients to capitalize on missed relationship opportunities, not just from brick and mortar, but teller interactions, customer service interactions and more through powerful insights. This allows for meaningful and consistent messaging across any business unit.” 

– Alex Torres, Client Success Manager

  1. Always On Campaigns: Joy Rogers, Senior Client Success Manager, advocates for utilizing always on campaigns to leverage data insights for the most relevant messaging at the right time.

“Let the data do the work for you! With our always-on campaigns leveraging the insights from your data, you can be sure that the most relevant message will be presented to your account holders at the right time in their financial journey with you.”

– Joy Rogers, Senior Client Success Manager

With these insider tips from our Client Success team, you’re well-equipped to take your financial services marketing campaigns to new heights. Remember, it’s all about using data effectively, forging strong partnerships, and delivering personalized experiences that resonate with your audience. Here’s to unlocking the full power of your data and achieving marketing success like never before!

Learn how Ideal Credit Union uses Alkami’s Data & Marketing Solutions to run financial services marketing campaigns to help reach their business goals for deposit growth.
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