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12 Ways to Enhance Account Holder Engagement

Recently, Alkami and Digital Credence co-hosted an online event, Digital Transformation Series: Driving Digital Engagement featuring expertise from On Tap Credit Union, United Heritage Credit Union, SRP Federal Credit Union, and industry consultancy, Digital Credence.

During the session, panelists came together to discuss creative ways to drive digital banking engagement and better serve their account holders. In case you missed the event, we’ve captured key takeaways below.

  • Strive for relevance. Ask account holders what they want, track what they prefer or click-on, and use the data to strategize what solutions, guidance and products users would like from your institution.
  • Set goals that define your measures of success. You can measure engagement in many ways, and you should. Track your performance to ensure that you are moving the needle.
  • Connect your leads to actual fulfillment. Know what is working so you can better drive attribution. Remember – connected experiences enhance your brand.
  • Microtargeting is key. You have the ability to segment and personalize your campaigns with precision. Enhance this even more by nurturing the interaction to fruition.
  • Empower through education. The more comfortable you can make your consumer with your solution offerings, the less salesy you will appear. Knowledge empowers positive interaction.
  • Leverage automation with empathy and intelligence. Personalized conversational messaging that is precise makes your financial institution look relevant versus making untimely, incorrect offers.
  • Turn your account holders into brand ambassadors. Encourage the sharing of customer success stories across multiple channels, including social. Make it easy for your consumers to share stories about your brand by having a presence on social media and a visually pleasing and content rich website experience.
  • Create a data-driven culture. From the C-suite to the front line, have your team ask questions, make data-based decisions, and share their insights with others.
  • Focus on the journey, not the destination. Getting a consumer approved for a new account or a loan with a minimum amount of friction adds tremendous value.
  • Put on your “guru” hat. Analyze your data to infer what is important. “Multiple trips to a home improvement store might suggest a need for a HELOC.”
  • Pay timely attention to feedback. From consumer feedback to front-line team member suggestions, make the feedback loop easy and ensure that you improve and respond (with gratitude).
  • Enthusiasm is key. Your internal team should be enthusiastic about your brand, your financial products and services, and your digital channels. 

Alkami’s mission is to empower credit unions and banks with the digital banking solutions they need to compete with the megabanks and win! Driving long-term account holder engagement is one of the primary ways to achieve success in today’s marketplace. 

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