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Women in Banking: Live from Alkami Co:lab

By Emily Fagan, Content Manager


Alkami has known from its very inception that a diverse collective of backgrounds and talents is required to produce the best technology in the industry. And while women in STEM and tech have been increasing in numbers, Alkami has been there to hire and inspire them. While Alkami builds the technologies, our clients are truly the ones paving the way for others in the banking industry.


In 2023, a fellowship of women from within Alkami decided to host a special breakout session at the annual Alkami Co:lab conference in order to pay homage to all of the incredible women in our organization and industry. That session has since sparked a community of networking and  much larger across the organization and its client base. Now in its second year, the Alkami Co:lab ‘Women in Banking’ session was the highest anticipated and attended session at the conference.

But Alkami did not stop there. Immediately after, a special Women in Banking Happy Hour welcomed all to mix and mingle with other industry leaders. Alkami is proud to create opportunities like Alkami Co:lab, FIsionaries, Community Banking Stories and Women in Banking so that Alkami and our partners, industry consultants and analysts, bank and credit union representatives who are passionate can have a platform to share their stories and strategies.  


Below is a collection of the many financial professionals who shared their stories at this year’s conference:



“I just attended the Women in Banking session at Alkami Co:lab and it was so inspiring. We learned about mentorship and the importance of creating a seat at the table for other women.”

— Melissa Sproul, Deposit Operations Manager at Dirigo Federal Credit Union


Explore the power of mentorship with Melissa Sproul’s takeaways from the Women in Banking session. Discover how creating opportunities for women in the banking sector can lead to transformative changes and why it’s crucial to make room at the table.



“This is the first year I got to experience the Women in Banking session and that was amazing. You leave feeling empowered and motivated to make a difference for other women in the banking industry.”

— Mariah Martz, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Arkansas Federal Credit Union


Mariah Martz shares her inspiring journey from the Women in Banking session, emphasizing the empowerment and motivation that comes from such gatherings. Learn how these experiences can catalyze personal and professional growth, driving a passion to support other women in the field.



“We as women have a choice, and I oftentimes catch myself having to remind myself that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. So women, let’s go.”

— Katie Doll, Director of Implementations at Alkami


Katie Doll advocates for women to harness their collective strength and reclaim their power within the banking industry. Her message is clear: stand firm, support one another, and remember that your value is not determined by others’ perceptions.



“We have a really important responsibility to model the way for our upcoming generations of dynamic and blossoming women leaders.”

— Char Sears, VP, MX & Product Management at Unitus Community Credit Union


“We need to continue to support each other as females and call each other out in front of other leaders, championing them along the way.”

— Heather Bianchini, AVP Digital Banking Services at Unitus Community Credit Union


Char Sears and Heather Bianchini echo the importance of role modeling and vocal support for women in banking. They emphasize creating a network that not only supports but also celebrates women’s achievements openly and proudly.



“There’s so much that is involved in technology and ensuring that women continue to have a voice and a perspective that’s important to not only the organizations, but also to your users and employees.”

— Amy Krasikov, VP of Digital Experience at Raiz Federal Credit Union


Amy Krasikoff stresses the critical role of women in shaping the technological landscape of banking. She encourages participation in networking events to learn, share, and implement practices that highlight the unique perspectives women bring to the table.



“It’s called LIFT, Ladies in Financial Technology, and it’s a group of women that have STEM careers… We’re really excited about what this could be for our group.”

— Emily Stewart, Director of Digital Marketing and Analytics, Growth Strategies at Meritrust Credit Union


Emily Stewart introduces “LIFT,” an initiative at Meritrust designed to unite women in financial technology. This group aims to foster innovation through hackathons, education, and mutual support, demonstrating the profound impact of community in tech-driven careers.



“There’s six of us that meet every other week and we talk about our careers, our lives, we encourage each other… and we go away together once a year just to really bond and connect.”

 — April Remnant, Vice President, Payment Strategies at Ventura County Credit Union


April Remnant highlights the value of building strong, supportive networks through mastermind groups. These gatherings not only provide emotional and professional support but also deepen bonds, proving essential for personal and career development in banking.

Each of these contributions beautifully illustrates the spirit of the Women in Banking initiative, showcasing the powerful impact of community, mentorship, and empowerment in shaping the future of banking and technology.


To watch the full playlist on YouTube, click here.

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