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Offer Appointment Scheduling in the Digital Banking Platform

Coconut Software

As Alkami gears up for our annual conference, Alkami Co:lab, we wanted to introduce you to our innovative technology partners. Powered by our partner program, together we are empowering financial institutions with market-leading solutions that differentiate the digital banking platform. At our event, banks and credit unions will have the opportunity to connect with these exhibitors in the Innovation Lab. To learn more about Alkami Co:lab, read the press release here.

The Coconut Software team—also known as the Coconut Crew—is thrilled to be a part of Alkami Co:lab this year in Grapevine, Texas. Other than its fun beachy vibes, the team is known for one thing: its steadfast commitment to helping financial institutions (FIs) grow by delivering exceptional experiences at every stage of the banking journey. This year at Alkami Co:lab, Coconut Software will showcase its new integration with Alkami, which allows banks and credit unions to make it easier for account holders to schedule time with banking experts where they do their day-to-day banking—right inside their digital banking platform.  

The digital banking platform integration between Coconut and Alkami allows account holders to: 


  • Request an appointment with a representative in-app whenever they need it—instead of waiting in line or calling the branch, hoping for the right advisor. 
  • Choose between various booking options like in-person meetings, phone, or video calls. 
  • Select the type of service they need ahead of time, so they’re matched with a qualified expert who can provide meaningful advice.
  • Receive an invite to their calendar app of choice, so they don’t forget their appointment.


“The best way today’s financial institutions can stay competitive is to invest in personal relationships—it’s proven to boost revenue by up to 20%,” said Stephen Murphy, who leads Partnerships at Coconut. “That’s why making it seamless for account holders to get advice from representatives is one of the smartest investments FIs can make.”


A little bit about Coconut Software

Coconut Software helps financial institutions connect their account holders to financial advice from real experts. As the appointment scheduling platform for banks and credit unions, Coconut has spent a decade focused on making these 1:1 connections easy to access. 

According to Forrester, customer experience quality has dropped for most multi-channel FIs over the last two years. Accenture research found that 44% of consumers have had difficulty getting human support when they needed it. 

Coconut solves for both digital and in-person support, bridging the gap between the convenience of technology and the personal touch of knowledgeable financial advice. Coconut is specifically designed to help FIs deliver great advice for complex products like loans, mortgages and financial health checks—because we know selling these products is what drives an FI’s growth.


How Coconut helps financial institutions and their account holders 

While account holders across all age groups expect their financial institution to help them improve their financial health, according to Accenture research, not many account holders say they received advice or guidance from their FI. This problem is, at least in part, caused by what Accenture calls “digital channels [that] are functionally correct but emotionally devoid.”

Whereas most appointment schedulers are built for multiple industries, Coconut is specifically designed for banks and credit unions. Our team’s expertise and product roadmap are all tailored to how FIs work. Coconut’s back-end infrastructure is made for FIs, and its front-end is simple for account holders to use, with easy appointment rescheduling, SMS (text) and email reminders, and appointment preparation details.

Through Coconut’s appointment, queuing, and video banking platform, FIs have:

Whereas other appointment scheduling platforms require staff to send support tickets to make simple changes, Coconut is easy to customize for the needs of every organization. The result is a more productive team that has helped FIs like CU SoCal increase their loan pull through rate by 12% and reduce handle time by 39%.

Account holders are most likely to have questions about high-value products when they’re logged into their day-to-day banking app. By offering an appointment booking link directly in their online accounts, Coconut keeps experts at their fingertips in those key moments. Given that 47% of account holders who get advice opt for a new product or loan, it’s important that booking appointments for that advice is as accessible as possible.


Curious to see our integration with Alkami in action? Speak to one of our experts who can walk you through it.
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