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Providing Financial Wellness to Users Who Suddenly Need It

Early digital financial wellness tools didn’t move the needle for most Americans in realizing their financial goals. At the Megabank and fintech level, new data-driven technologies have reinvigorated the pursuit of meaningful digital financial wellness solutions. Yet, in reality, regional and community banks and credit unions are better positioned to utilize financial wellness tools to […]

Fighting Fraud with Digital Banking

For banks and credit unions of all sizes, fraud will always be a major concern. As a higher percentage of payments move to real time in the wake of current events, fraud schemes are becoming more sophisticated. Financial institutions (FIs) are in need of holistic security strategies to defend against both existing and emerging threats. […]

What it takes to be available when users need you most

By: Marc Jones, Chief Technology Officer, Alkami Back in March and April, when the Federal government began issuing stimulus payment checks, the unprecedented volume of customers attempting to access accounts overwhelmed the digital platforms of many financial institutions. Systems were slow to respond. Users constantly refreshing screens and apps added to the increased traffic load. […]