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Unlocking the primary financial institution relationship via the deposit account

Compete at scale with an all-in-one account opening platform For many, your website is the first impression someone has with your financial institution (FI) and should preview how the rest of their banking journey will be: an intuitive user experience powered by data. So if a prospective user is met with friction and cannot easily […]

7 Keys to Simplifying the Digital Account Opening Process

When it comes to converting more users in the digital account opening (DAO) process, speed and simplicity are the keys for financial institutions (FIs) to dramatically cut cart abandonment rates and better compete with the rising number of online banking competitors. Har Rai Khalsa, VP, General Manager of Digital Account Opening at Alkami, laid out […]

User Experience: Offering a 3-Minute-or-Less Application

How FIs can exceed consumer expectations with a seamless digital account opening solution With the power of technology at our fingertips, people expect instant outcomes, from search engine results to banking. For everyday financial products, like checking accounts or credit cards, consumers no longer want to come in-branch to complete their application. They want mobile-first […]