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Lending Products

Support account holders’ changing financial journey by understanding their lending product usage.
The Problem

FIs are losing share of wallet to other lending product providers. Large payments to lending products can be an indicator of a change in an account holder’s financial situation. FIs need to respond and engage with account holders quickly when these inflection accounts occur.

The Solution

Understand how your account holders are engaging with your lending products and competitors’ lending products. Engage account holders depending on where they are in the lending process.

Making the use case actionable

Clients who have made large payments to a lending product may have had a recent change in their financial situation. Offer a consultation with a personal banker to help these account holders decide if your other financial products may better suit their current situation.

A large payment to an auto lending product may indicate that a loan has been paid off, and the account holder could be shopping for a new car. Target these account holders with your auto financing offer in your digital banking channel.

Customer Insights & Marketing Automation​

Consumers now demand personalized experiences from every interaction. Our Key Lifestyle Indicators® and Key Business Indicators® provide insights about your customers that span all aspects of their financial journey from product utilization to held-away accounts.

These insights and data analytics can inform your institution’s strategies for delivering truly targeted and relevant personalized engagements every time, leading to increased profit and brand loyalty.

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