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Patelco Credit Union

As Patelco Credit Union outlined their company’s key strategic objectives for the next few years, they identified the following areas of focus and are leveraging Alkami’s consumer banking solutions as a vehicle for transformation. 

1) Enhancing financial wellbeing services for members through solutions like account consolidation and preventive measures

To improve the financial wellbeing of members, Patelco’s primary initiatives include: account consolidation to help members optimize and manage debt, financial planning tools and advice, and capabilities to help prevent members from overdrafting their accounts.

2) Expanding digital and mobile capabilities such as digital account opening, chatbots, and virtual assistance within the online banking platform 

Patelco is excited to empower members to open accounts fully online as well as enhance the member experience by introducing chatbot and virtual assistant solutions that deliver 24/7 support without members having to visit a branch.

3) Improving payments functionalities including: Zelle, card controls, and a central payments hub

Enhancements in money movement will boost revenue opportunities from P2P transfers, centralize the payments experience by launching a payments hub within the online banking platform, and introduce more self-service capabilities for their cardholders.

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