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Infographic: 5 Data-Driven Campaigns with Proven ROI

The Top 5 Revenue-Driving Campaigns using Alkami’s Customer Insights & Marketing Automation

What if you could generate revenue with a marketing campaign that takes
minutes to set up? You can – and we can prove it. Having analyzed thousands of marketing campaigns over the past two years, the below compilation includes use cases from banks and credit unions that executed targeted campaigns through insights derived from transaction data, and that yielded significant return-on-investment (ROI). Download the infographic to learn the details of the below campaigns. 

5,859x ROI
Increasing Mortgage Originations
60x ROI
A Year-Round Strategy to Open New Personal Checking Accounts
365x ROI
A Year-Round Strategy to Grow A Portfolio of Auto Loans
3,452x ROI
A Year-Round Strategy to Grow A Portfolio of Home Equity Loans
584x ROI
A Year-Round Strategy for Increasing Member Credit Card Openings

Download The Infographic