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Increase Digital Banking Adoption

With Channel Behavior KLIs®
The Problem

With the increase in digital adoption and the shift in how consumers bank, how do you know which channels your account holders are engaging with?

The Solution

The more your account holders interact with your channels, the stickier they become with your financial institution. Use these KLIs to message your account holders the myriad benefits your institution’s products and services offer. Or simply use these KLIs to better understand which channels are effectively engaging your account holders or where your financial institution may need to consider product enhancements or innovation.

Making the use case actionable

Branch activity

Target account holders who frequently visit your branch locations and educate them on your digital solutions to provide them options for their financial transaction needs.

Online bill pay activity

Identify account holders actively using your online bill pay solutions and message them about your mobile app communicating the convenience of banking on the go!

Mobile banking activity

Account holders that are using your mobile app for remote deposits are some of your most digitally-savvy consumers. Keep these account holders updated on your latest product innovations and get early adopter feedback.

ATM transaction activity

Keep your high ATM usage account holders in the know about your peer-to-peer payment solutions and alternative options to deposit funds, such as RDC.

Debit card swipe activity

Use debit card swipe activity and trend KLIs to identify account holders who may be decreasing their usage of your debit card to remind them of the rewards that your card offers.

Last transaction

Find account holders who have not interacted with your financial institution in recent weeks. They may be considering an institution switch. Reach out to these account holders and thank them for their commitment.

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