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Direct deposit usage

Accelerate deposit growth by understanding your account holders’ direct deposit activity.
The Problem

Account holders aren’t using your FI for their direct deposits. Direct deposit activity often correlates to PFI status.

The Solution

Analyze account holder direct deposits, including the last processed direct deposit, increase or decrease in direct deposits, average number of direct deposits, and those who no longer have direct deposits.

Making the use case actionable

Account holders’ may have their direct deposit set up with an alternative FI. Identify those users and target them with messaging that encourages them to set up direct deposits with your FI, building stickiness with those account holders.

Account holders with a recent increase in direct deposits may have received a raise and could be saving more. Promote money market accounts or CDs to those account holders in your digital banking channel.

When direct deposits are no longer being made into an account, that can signal attrition risk or a change in employment. Send a personalized message to these account holders to see if there is anything your FI could be doing to better serve them.

Customer Insights & Marketing Automation​

Consumers now demand personalized experiences from every interaction. Our Key Lifestyle Indicators® and Key Business Indicators® provide insights about your customers that span all aspects of their financial journey from product utilization to held-away accounts.

These insights and data analytics can inform your institution’s strategies for delivering truly targeted and relevant personalized engagements every time, leading to increased profit and brand loyalty.

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