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Digital Wallet Adoption

Stay top of wallet and drive interchange income with contactless payments.
The Problem

Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, cardholders have quickly adopted contactless payment methods with 46% of U.S. consumers using a digital wallet. While financial institutions (FIs) may offer instant issuance of physical cards in-branch, they may be failing to meet expectations of cardholders who want immediate access to newly issued cards in their digital wallet.

The Solution

Delight applicants with a three-minutes-or-less digital onboarding experience. Empower your cardholders to push provision debit cards to digital wallets from your digital banking environment. By delivering digital card experiences, your FI can increase card usage, drive interchange income, and inspire loyalty.

Making the use case actionable

Simplify the account opening process

Convert applicants with minimal data entry, flexible funding options, and electronic signatures.

Automate digital banking registration

Leverage the application process to collect data and provide users with login credentials, so users can seamlessly access online banking upon account opening.

Push provision cards to digital wallets

Encourage digital banking users to add their new debit cards to Apple or Google Pay from within the app’s card management widget.

Digital Account Opening

Cultivate account holder relationships within digital banking. Elevate your digital branch with mobile-first applications, real-time identity verification powered by Non-Documentary Customer Identification methods, and integrations to improve your digital onboarding experience.

Card Experience

Account holders want less drama. Create a unified card management experience with digital, self-service tools that empower users to easily manage card limits, alerts, and controls within digital banking, as well as leverage digital card display and push provisioning.

See digital banking in action

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