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Elevate Fraud Detection and Customer Service with the Help of Data-Driven Customer Insights

In this day and age, most business leaders recognize that their data is among their most valuable assets. For financial institutions, data can provide strategic insights to support a variety of important business functions across their digital banking platform, including fraud detection, marketing and customer service. Recently, Alkami hosted a webinar titled “Defense in Depth” […]

The 4 Plays of Strategic Success for Banks and Credit Unions in 2024

It seems every year the banking industry must plan to overcome “something,” and that “something” often seems like it is too daunting of a task, and much more extreme than that previous year’s “something.”  What is often lost during the elusive process of trying to plan for the next big thing, is what do we […]

The Top 5 Budgeting Priorities for Financial Institutions in 2024

The financial industry is gearing up for a transformation in 2024 amid a time of challenges. Growing cybersecurity and fraud concerns, the expansion and contraction of the industry itself, a battle for new deposits, the quest to attract the elusive Generation Z(Gen Z) and an uncertain economy. In the face of all of this, it’s […]

Quenching the “Need for Speed” at Alkami’s TechFin Conference and 24-Hour Hackathon

Over this past year, Alkami has embraced the concept of being a TechFin – a technology company first and foremost, focused on building financial solutions. A big component of the TechFin concept and identity is that TechFins employ cutting-edge technology to deliver solutions that help financial institutions stay ahead of their competitors, and deliver best-in-class […]

3 Tactics to Drive Deposit Growth Through Your Digital Banking Platform

Facing rising interest rates, financial institutions have shifted their efforts from lending to deposits. Meanwhile, the market has become increasingly saturated with attractive offers and flashy interest rates. Neobanks are leading the charge with intuitive technology and competitive offers, capturing 47% of new checking accounts opened in 2023.  This fluctuation has created a liquidity crisis […]

SDK 101: Software Development Kit Basics and Benefits

In today’s technology-driven banking environment, even professionals in non-technical roles may have heard of application programming interfaces (APIs). But fewer are familiar with software development kits (SDKs), another important resource for creating modern digital banking platforms.  SDKs include a variety of essential developer tools and features designed to give your financial institution the power and […]

Adapting to Digital Finance: Apple Card, Fintech Apps, and the Future of Savings

Today’s financial consumers live in a world where their personal finances are digitized and at their disposal 24/7. They can digitally open and fund savings accounts or investment accounts, instantly move money, view a detailed transaction history, monitor their credit score, apply for loans, and pay their bills directly from a smartphone. The below is […]

Improve Your Bank Efficiency Ratio with Omnichannel Digital Account Opening

Deposits are the lifeline for any financial institution, and now more than ever, deposits are critical, especially when considering the bank efficiency ratio. In this competitive rate environment, financial institutions need to shift their strategy to attract new deposits and drive their new money goals. As interest rates drop, financial institutions need to be ready […]

12 Ways to Enhance Account Holder Engagement

Recently, Alkami and Digital Credence co-hosted an online event, Digital Transformation Series: Driving Digital Engagement featuring expertise from On Tap Credit Union, United Heritage Credit Union, SRP Federal Credit Union, and industry consultancy, Digital Credence. During the session, panelists came together to discuss creative ways to drive digital banking engagement and better serve their account […]