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Introducing the Alkami Developer Portal: The Gateway to Digital Banking Platform Innovation

Staying ahead of technology trends and account holder expectations in the financial services industry is crucial. To empower this continuous innovation, Alkami is  thrilled to announce the launch of our new Developer Portal, designed for developers working within the digital banking ecosystem. This portal provides resources, development tools, and artifacts that enable developers to integrate […]

Harnessing Data Analytics in Banking to Empower Financial Institutions

Enhance Your Strategy with Data Analytics in Banking Understanding and catering to account holders’ unique needs is crucial as expectations continue to rise for banks and credit unions to individualize touchpoints and offer tailored products and services. With the help of data analytics in banking, financial institutions can gain a comprehensive view of their account […]

Launching Everyday GenAI With a Pilot Team

Embracing artificial intelligence in banking, part one Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) is no longer a future promise, it’s arrived and is already shaping the future of financial services. Financial Institutions (FIs) have begun using artificial intelligence (AI) to work more productively and creatively while enhancing their employees’ skills. These organizations are building a competitive advantage […]

Embrace MarTech for Improved Marketing for Financial Institutions

For banks and credit unions, embracing marketing technology (MarTech) isn’t just beneficial; it’s essential for survival and growth. Financial institutions that harness the capabilities of MarTech can significantly enhance their marketing efforts, streamline operations, and improve account holder experiences. But what exactly can MarTech do for your financial institution? Let’s explore the transformative potential of […]

How Can Artificial Intelligence in Banking Put a Stop to Silent Attrition?

Digital connectivity shapes every aspect of our lives, and in today’s digitally connected world, maintaining a strong relationship with account holders in-person and across digital channels must be paramount for both banks and credit unions. Artificial intelligence in banking is changing the ways in which operators and marketers are able to extract business insights from […]

Attracting Millennials Starts With Digital Banking Solutions

Introduction – The Wealth Transfer We are currently witnessing the greatest intergenerational wealth transfer in history. As millennials are poised to become the primary wealth holders, it’s crucial for financial institutions to recognize how they differ from baby boomers, Generation X (Gen X), and Generation Z (Gen Z) when crafting appealing banking propositions for their […]

5 Quick Wins for Data Analytics in Banking

Financial institutions have a huge amount of data from their account holders just waiting to be activated. By leveraging data analytics in banking effectively, banks and credit unions can enhance account holder satisfaction, reduce fraud, grow share-of-wallet and increase revenue. However, after implementing a data strategy, financial institutions may struggle to quickly gain tangible benefits […]

The Basics of Managing ACH Notifications of Change (ACH NOCs)

In the rapidly evolving landscape of banking, where mergers and acquisitions are commonplace, Automated Clearing House Notifications of Change (ACH NOC) play a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of ACH transactions in commercial banking solutions. Let’s explore ACH NOCs, outlining their purpose, triggers, and best practices for both sending and receiving financial […]

What Is Artificial Intelligence in Banking?

Artificial intelligence in banking refers to the use of human-coded machine learning algorithms, data analytics, and other intelligent systems to enhance various banking services and operations. These tools are now exactly that, tools of the trade, for data analysts, marketers, and strategists across a wide range of industries.    What is artificial intelligence (AI) helping […]

Business Banking Solutions: 10 Strategies for Financial Institutions to Win the Battle

As one of the most respected banking podcasts in financial services, the Banking Transformed podcast, hosted by Jim Marous, examines major leadership and cultural challenges in the banking industry and the impact of digital disruption on banking’s future. This blog is based on the podcast episode “How Community Banks Can Win the Business Banking Battle” […]