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EDI Translation

EDI banking Simplify the application of ACH payments Let’s do it Make translating complex B2B payment remittance simple EDI Banking provides translation and reporting for the complex B2B payment remittance data your treasury management clients receive. Our EDI Translation solution interprets and renders Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) payment details contained in ACH addenda records into […]

Positive Pay & ACH Reporting

POSITIVE PAY & ACH REPORTING* Positive Pay: The ultimate defense against transaction fraud Stay one step ahead of fraudsters, maintain regulatory compliance, and provide enhanced protection against unauthorized transactions for your commercial accounts. By offering Positive Pay, your financial institution can make transacting safe and simple. Get started *Previously known as ACH Alert Turn payment […]

ACH Return & Notification of Change

ACH Return & Notification of Change (ACH NOC) Manage & communicate ACH returns and ACH NOCs Eliminate manual processes for your financial institution like faxing or emailing originators, while also modernizing your delivery of ACH returns and ACH NOCs with an automated and seamless treasury management solution. Let’s do it That was easy Provide timely, […]

Data & Marketing Solutions

Marketing for financial institutions

DATA & MARKETING SOLUTIONS* Marketing for financial institutions made easy Accelerate your growth with financial services marketing automation, transaction data cleansing, and artificial intelligence in banking. Give it a try *Previously known as Segmint Personalized banking with real-time data Marketing for financial institutions drives revenue and growth by leveraging actionable insights to make data-driven decisions, […]