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upSWOT Partners with Alkami to Deliver Bold and Innovative Digital Capabilities to U.S. Banks and Credit Unions

Alkami, a leading provider of cloud-based digital banking solutions, and upSWOT, a leading fintech platform to connect business applications for integrated data analysis and insight, have teamed up to give banks the digital banking tools they need to improve the financial health of client businesses. 

With the addition of upSWOT technologies to the Alkami digital banking platform, businesses will be able to import their banking transactions and business data into a user-friendly dashboard, bringing together data from over 150 applications used by SMB customers. These applications include popular accounting, ERP, payroll, e-commerce, CRM, marketing and POS business applications. Examples include QuickBooks, Shopify, Salesforce, Square, Instagram, etc. This data will then power banks’ business clients with actionable insights, accurate cash flow forecasts and personalized advice.

Alkami will bring to the partnership its innovative suite of complementary digital banking tools, and extensive network of banking clients seeking to implement innovative solutions to power their business clients. By partnering, upSWOT and Alkami will enable banks and credit unions to grow confidently and compete with Megabanks and Fintechs. Alkami will join upSWOT’s financial institution partnerships, which include Mastercard, OnDeck, First Southern National Bank, Old Missouri Bank, Envestnet, Tribal Credit, Republic Bank of Chicago, and dozens of others. 

Dmitry Norenko, CEO of upSWOT comments, “Banks that want to continue to exist in another decade cannot afford to ignore the fintech innovations that are powering the financial futures of modern businesses. Banks wishing to remain competitive in the global marketplace must in fact embrace fintech and digital banking innovations, and can benefit tremendously from implementing the seamless solution that our partnership enables. Together with Alkami, we will  bring a new era of innovative support to business banking, and help businesses across America build greater financial success.”

“Business banking demands innovative technology that can harness data in real time and turn it into actionable insights,” added Stephen Bohanon, co-founder and chief strategy and product officer of Alkami. “Adding upSWOT to our suite of business banking solutions, brings our clients—regional banks and credit unions—the data aggregation, visualization, and analytics they need to better support their customers and grow their business.”

About upSWOT

upSWOT offers real-time SMB performance data, trends and insights. The upSWOT platform, with connections to 150+ SaaS products used daily by small-medium enterprises, is a powerful add-on to digital banking offerings. 

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