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Alkami’s Implementation Approach for Online Banking Platform Success

At Alkami, the customer is our north star. We know that their success is our success, and our team is fiercely dedicated to ensuring that every implementation is executed with minimal stress, that roadmap items are delivered on time, and that innovation is endless – empowering banks and credit unions with an online banking platform that exceeds account holders’ expectations and sharpens their competitive advantage. 

Striving Towards Continuous Improvement

Following our annual client conference, Alkami Co:lab, where we had asked our clients for their feedback on areas we could become a better partner, we identified that implementation was an opportunity for us to level up. Since April 2023, our teams have worked to streamline the implementation experience for our remarkable clients. 

Alkami’s #1 Goal
To be a trusted partner – one that is easy to work with, that you want to do business with, and who will help you grow your institution.

Key Objectives for Alkami’s Implementation Teams:

  1. Facilitating successful, on-time implementations with minimal friction and maximum benefits by deploying seamless integrations between the online banking platform and the institution’s technology ecosystem – fintech partners, core, debit and card processors, and other third parties
  2. Improving quality through implementation, testing, and organizational readiness 


Supporting Clients Through Online Banking Platform Implementation & Beyond

At Alkami, we’ve built our teams to support the needs of our customers. Over 75% of our staff is dedicated to building and supporting the best online banking platform in the industry.

Alkami’s online banking platform implementation approach boils down to effectiveness across people, process, and technology & tools.

“Implementing Alkami for our new digital banking platform has been better than any other conversion I’ve experienced. Over 88% of our members converted to Alkami with no assistance or intervention from our staff, and our members are thrilled with the new platform.”
– Gerry Agnes, President & CEO Elevations Credit Union


In 2023, Alkami…

Launched 37 new online banking platform clients Converted ~1.5 million online banking platform users

For online banking platform implementations to be executed effectively in 2024 and beyond, we’ve thoughtfully developed a methodology to ensure banks and credit unions feel supported from project kick-off through post-launch. New clients will be welcomed to the client community with a comprehensive Welcome Kit and a dedicated Client Success Manager. From the welcome meeting, through onboarding to launch, the Client Success Manager plays an integral role in ensuring Alkami is strategically aligned to the outcomes our clients expect in order to create a success plan that is built and executed jointly.

Alkami’s online banking platform implementations can be summarized into six key milestones:

  1. Onboarding
  2. Design
  3. Implementation
  4. Test
  5. Launch
  6. Close

In choosing Alkami’s online banking platform, NASA FCU was transitioning from an account-centric to a member-centric experience. NASA FCU knew this change required extensive employee training and communication to set members up for success. Their launch went smoothly and NASA’s app store ratings drastically increased to a 4.7 in a matter of days.


Accelerating Strategic Goals for Our Client Community

Per FI Navigator data, Alkami clients that have been on the online banking platform for at least five years, outperform their peers on major financial metrics, including: Deposit Growth (8% faster), Loan Growth (24% faster), Return on Equity (15% higher), Return on Assets (13% higher), and Revenue Growth (17% faster).

Alkami’s Vision
To deliver a next-generation, digital sales & service platform that increases revenue and lowers costs for financial institutions.

Once clients have successfully implemented their online banking platform, their dedicated Alkami team is focused on ensuring clients feel well-supported and have the resources they need to maximize their platform investments. The Alkami team engages our clients with a regular cadence of check-ins, strategic workshops, and business and platform sessions to review our clients’ performance in regards to goals, metrics, and their strategic growth roadmap 

Client centricity is a continuous practice at Alkami. To ensure we remain connected and aligned with our client community, we offer an online client community portal, Midas, where online banking clients are encouraged to collaborate, participate in user groups, access resources, view Alkami’s product roadmap, ask questions, and engage in events.

At Alkami, we aspire to deliver an online banking platform that empowers our clients to accelerate their strategic objectives and attain business goals. 

Delivering an Innovative Online Banking Platform

To evolve digital banking into the primary digital sales and service platform for banks and credit unions, we’re bringing all of the pieces together. Harnessing the power of Alkami’s online banking platform, financial institutions can introduce a comprehensive banking experience from digital account opening through everyday banking needs and beyond. Uncover insights about your account holders’ financial behaviors from their transaction and online banking platform data to find ways to better serve their needs with personalized banking offers and engagements. Knowing that payment fraud mitigation and security are of the utmost concern, our treasury management solution empowers account holders to take a proactive approach to protecting their finances while safeguarding an institution’s assets and reputation. 

At Alkami, we provide the strong foundation for financial institutions to deliver, grow, and thrive. As a TechFin, we are committed to investing in modern tools and technology so that our clients can confidently embrace innovation, despite tech disruption. Working in alignment with banks and credit unions, we can help our clients deliver on account holders’ expectations, differentiate the online banking platform experience, and achieve strategic business objectives.

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