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The 4 Elements of a Powerful Digital Sales & Service Platform

A financial institution’s digital banking platform couldn’t be more important. Account holders want their primary financial institution to provide a top-of-the-line digital banking experience. But financial institutions know their digital banking solutions have long been a cost center — necessary, but a drain on their bottom lines. What if there were a way to transform it into a revenue generator? By combining sales and service in a single platform, financial institutions are doing just that.

By pairing the digital banking platform with insights and marketing automation, financial institutions can target their account holders with personalized engagements and cross sell offers directly in the  institution’s platform.

In Alkami’s new ebook, “The 4 Elements of a Powerful Sales & Service Digital Banking Platform,” we outline a strategy for aligning your digital channels with sales and service.

It requires a financial institution to balance their focus equally across four key elements:

  • Onboard: Opening accounts, taking out loans and applying for credit cards should be easy.
  • Engage: Facilitate digital interactions between account holders and the institution.
  • Grow: Enable revenue-generating opportunities by extending new services to existing users.
  • Guard: Protect the account holder’s identity as well as the financial institution’s assets.

How can financial institutions transform their digital banking platform into a revenue generator?

Learn more about transforming your digital banking platform into a powerful sales and service engine, driving revenue for your institution.