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Transform Digital Banking into a Profit Center

Digital banking is big business.

By 2028, the global digital banking market size is estimated to surpass $10.3 trillion. Business market valuations, especially one set over such a span of time, is an indication that the tide is turning from a market made up only of early adopters to one of ubiquity. Consumers expect a seamless digital experience to help them manage their finances and achieve their financial goals. Financial institutions (FIs) have to step up their digital game now to meet account holder expectations, while simultaneously being held to increasing revenue targets.

So what does this mean for FIs? It means that FIs must offer a digital banking solution, period. Whether they are a $100B megabank or the credit union around the corner. It means replacing legacy technologies and embracing new tools. It means taking advantage of transaction data flowing through the core to uncover important insights about account holders’ needs and using it to optimize their digital experience. This kind of thinking results in transforming what once was just a cost center into a revenue center, by adapting to a new business model all rooted in data.

In this eBook, we’ll cover:

  • Why digital banking is a requisite
  • Best-in-class strategies for digital banking
  • How the current economic outlook affects digital banking
  • How to transform digital banking into a revenue driver

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