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Recurring payments

Making the use case actionable Identify and incentivize Identify ideal account cardholders using their card for recurring payments and incentivize other account holders to mimic this behavior to increase your overall card interchange revenue. Understand account holders’ financial health Assess the financial health of your account holders through one path in their financial journey by […]

Achieve Financial Goals

Making the use case actionable Recommend investment opportunities to account holders with recent increase in payroll deposits Identify consumers who have recently benefited from an increase in their average payroll deposits, from a salary increase, commission payment, or other increase in compensation. Marry Increasing Payroll Deposits Trend with Have Young Children to recommend investing in […]

Wealth Management

Making the use case actionable   Finding Investors within your Ecosystem Understanding the full financial journey of your account holders will help you find every opportunity in your ecosystem. Investment personas often can cast a wide net, yet certain insights can provide direction in sales and marketing efforts when delivering messages to possible wealth prospects. […]

Turnkey Email Channel

Making the use case actionable   Data driven onboarding programs Trigger timely and relevant onboarding engagements with a series of campaigns to lead your account holders on their financial journey. Cross sell fueled by competitive insights Identify held-away payments initiating win back messaging that is relevant and targeted, all while using Key Lifestyle Indicators® (KLIs) […]

Aligning Data Strategy and Organizational Priorities

See how data and analytics capabilities can be viewed as a strategic differentiator, and learn what keeps FIs from aligning data strategy and organizational priorities, such as: Difficulty finding qualified data scientists Lack of investment to support a data strategy Messy and decentralized data

Segmint, Data Lakes, MCIF and You: Time to find the next level.

The Ground Floor: MCIF and Data Lakes One theme has consistently rung true across many financial institutions (FIs) over the last few years: “We need to leverage our customer data.”  Institutions of all sizes have spent considerable time and investment in data lakes, warehouses, and MCIFs (Marketing Customer Information File).  At Segmint, we love to […]

How to Use Data Analytics Tools to Engage and Convert Users

The first step to converting users is identifying them. With these best practices, you can start using data analytics to know what you can offer users and who is most receptive to those messages. The Three Types of Data Analytics Users Generally, data analytics users are responsible for three areas of digital banking: Administration This […]