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Utilizing artificial intelligence within digital banking

ai in banking

It wasn’t so long ago that artificial intelligence (AI) in banking seemed futuristic. Now, AI in banking is officially mainstream as use cases mature from nice-to-have, cutting-edge options into day-to-day capabilities that offer concrete benefits and extraordinary savings. It’s about efficiency, speed, data, and insights that just weren’t possible before. The trend toward AI is […]

Increase Digital Banking Adoption

Making the use case actionable   Branch activity Target account holders who frequently visit your branch locations and educate them on your digital solutions to provide them options for their financial transaction needs. Online bill pay activity Identify account holders actively using your online bill pay solutions and message them about your mobile app communicating […]

Competitive Insights

Making the use case actionable   Make the right strategic business decisions Knowing which competitors your account holders are banking with, and what products they have with each competitor can help you make the right strategic decisions. Evolve your products and services Compete with more intensity by evolving your product offerings, marketing, sales approach and […]

Share of wallet

Making the use case actionable   Boost Interchange Income Leverage data to target account holders with messaging on the benefits to increasing swipes, and benefit from the additional interchange each transaction generates. Boost Lending Identify opportunities to cross-sell the right loan or line of credit based on each account holder’’s product mix with your FI […]

Merchant payment cleansing

Making the use case actionable   AI & Chatbots The more accurate your data is tagged and categorized, the faster your artificial intelligence and chatbot investments can respond to requests. Data Science & Modeling Stop wasting time cleaning and standardizing your data. Leverage a proven and robust taxonomy and enhance your transaction data with most […]

Account holder Onboarding

Making the use case actionable   Deploy always on campaigns Deliver campaigns that are triggered based on your account holder data and don’t require any manual data management. Such as an onboarding series, supported by turnkey email enablement, of campaigns to lead your account holders on their financial journey. Deepen account holder relationships Expand relationships […]

Cross Selling and Product Utilization

Making the use case actionable Increase product utilization Use your core data to encourage account holders to swipe their debit card, draw on their HELOC, pay bills online, utilize MRDC, renew CDs and more. Increase products per account holder Increase products per account holder by cross-selling the right products and services to the right account […]

Personalized Marketing

Making the use case actionable   Always On Campaigns Deliver automated campaigns across channels that are triggered based on your account holder data – no manual data management required. Deepen account holder Relationships Expand relationships with your account holders based on their product mix with your FI, held away accounts, and Key Lifestyle Indicators® (KLIs). […]

4 Ways Financial Institutions Can Make Data Actionable

4 Ways Financial Institutions Can Make Data Actionable

Maintaining strong relationships with account holders has never been more crucial for financial institutions (FIs). New competition from fintech threatens consumer and business account holder retention, while other changes in the industry have started to erode wallet share for many traditional FIs. Thankfully, FIs sit on a mountain of transaction data that can be used […]