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Leveraging Data Is Key for Digital Banking Growth in 2023

Banks and credit unions have a wealth of monetizable insights within their retail and business account holder data, but many still struggle to leverage that data to grow revenue. They face the challenge of DRIP—an apt acronym for being “data rich, information poor.” The opportunities missed by not using the unparalleled quantity of data available […]

Cross Selling and Product Utilization

Making the use case actionable Increase product utilization Use your core data to encourage account holders to swipe their debit card, draw on their HELOC, pay bills online, utilize MRDC, renew CDs and more. Increase products per account holder Increase products per account holder by cross-selling the right products and services to the right account […]

3 Tips for a Successful Digital Transformation

Banks and credit unions are under increased pressure to meet constantly evolving consumer expectations, keep up with advances in new technology, and build resilience when facing economic uncertainty. These challenges combined with budget and resource constraints, force many financial institutions (FIs) to forgo or delay modernization even though they recognize the need for digital transformation. […]

How Financial Institutions Can Get The Most Out Of Their Data

Leveraging transaction data cleansing to derive actionable insights In a recent conversation with clients, the Alkami Data & Marketing Solutions team, including Zee Gauba, Director of Client Success and Kent Blacksher, Sr. Business Development Executive, discussed ways that FIs can access relevant data insights, keep data secure, and use data to be adaptable and efficient. […]

Financial Health and Wellness

Making the use case actionable Help account holders manage debt Offer account holders ways to improve their financial wellness by understanding their competitive accounts and payment amounts. Encourage account holders to save Help account holders reach their savings goals by understanding their lifestyle and financial situation with clean and categorized transactions. Understand account holders’ financial […]

Data & Marketing Solutions

DATA & MARKETING SOLUTIONS* Marketing for financial institutions made easy Drive your financial services marketing strategy and results with marketing automation, transaction data cleansing, and AI predictive analytics. Give it a try *Previously known as Segmint Personalized banking with real-time data Marketing for financial institutions drives revenue and growth by leveraging actionable insights to make […]

Alkami Data Insights

Alkami Data Insights Insights that fuel every strategy Let’s do it From Complex To Clean Transaction data cleansing is a critical tool that allows financial institutions to better understand customer transaction behavior and model spend patterns. The content of merchant payment transactions is often cryptic and non-descript, making it difficult to use for data modeling, […]

AI Predictive Modeling

AI predictive modeling Know what’s next with AI predictive models Artificial intelligence in banking isn’t a nice-to-have anymore. It’s a competitive advantage that financial institutions should begin harnessing right now. Let’s do it Get the insights you need to grow your institution Artificial intelligence in banking allows you to make sense of all the data […]

Transaction Data Cleansing

Transaction Data Cleansing Unlock the power of cleansed data Transaction data cleansing is a critical tool that allows financial institutions to better understand behaviors and model spend patterns through customer transaction analysis. Let’s do it Clean data with human-supervised AI Here’s how we clean your transaction data accurately and fast. Alkami’s team of advanced-degreed library […]

Customer Insights + Marketing Automation

Customer Insights & Marketing Automation Financial services marketing automation What if you could generate seven-figure revenue with a marketing campaign that takes minutes to set up? With Alkami, you can. See how fast and easy it is to execute revenue-generating marketing campaigns. Let’s do it Clients using Alkami Customer Insights & Marketing Automation experience 13X […]