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3 Creative Ways to Use Data for Personalized Financial Services Marketing

One of the top strategic priorities for financial institutions in 2024 is improved data and analytics capabilities. But this doesn’t only mean better reporting. For financial services marketing, this means using data to get the right message to the right person at the right time.  Nailing your financial services marketing messaging has never been more […]

3 Tips for Using Data-Driven Technology for Marketing for Financial Institutions


2024 is already shaping up to be another challenging year for marketing for financial institutions. Not only do marketers need to bring in new depositors, but they also need to engage and maintain the account holder base they already have. If you’re thinking about incorporating data into your marketing strategy in 2024, consider these top tips […]

Finding the Right Financial Services Marketing Automation Solution

Financial services marketing automation can be the solution to financial marketers’ typical pain points. Marketing automation purpose-built for financial institutions not only provides easy access to the data marketers need, but it also helps manage compliance. By surveying a group of financial marketers, Alkami found the top four common challenges for marketing today.  1. Frequent List […]

How are the Different Generations Investing?

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn What we’re seeing Americans have a wide range of options for opening investment accounts.  Traditional brands, like Schwab and Vanguard have been around since accounts were opened using paper applications and trades were made through brokerage house trading desks–“Desk Native.”  TD Ameritrade and E*Trade launched when consumers were using their desktop computers […]

How are Investors Behaving in the Economy?

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn What we’re seeing In 2023, investors withdrew more money from investment accounts than they did in 2022. However, as noted last week, more dollars were transferred to investment accounts in 2023 and the overall net investment increased. This could be another indication that there is a bifurcation in how different investors are […]

Did Consumers Invest More Dollars in 2023?

This image shows a chart titled “Investors Moved More Dollars in 2023 Compared to Previous Years”.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn What we’re seeing Previously, the data panel showed that the number of account holders transferring money to an investment account decreased each of the past two years. However, in 2023, the data shows an increase in total dollars moved to investment accounts in 2023, compared to 2021 and 2022 independently. In contrast, […]

What is the comparison between student loan payments and credit card payments?

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn What we’re seeing This month’s charts have shown the large increase in the number of student loan payments since federally-backed student loan forbearance ended, along with the magnitude of the new payments.  The data panel was analyzed, comparing these new payments to student loan borrowers’ credit card payments in order to contextualize […]

How much are borrowers paying across different types of loans?

This image shows a chart titled “Half of new student loan payments in October 2023 was $200 or more”.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn What we’re seeing Federally-backed student loans were paused in the early stages of 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and those borrowers haven’t had to make any payments since. Others, who had a mix of federally-backed and private student loans, experienced relief from their federal loans, but continued to pay […]