Security & Fraud Protection Solutions for Banks & Credit Unions

Secure the digital banking experience.

For financial institutions (FIs) of all sizes, fraud continues to be a major concern. FIs need a holistic security strategy to defend against both existing and emerging threats. Alkami helps banks and credit unions mitigate potential impacts of fraud events by providing several security layers. Starting with cloud solutions that prevent suspicious traffic from reaching their target, Alkami then adds additional solutions that stop or limit attackers from gaining access to a user’s account.
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Financial institutions citing lack of awareness of fraud schemes as a serious concern.
–  2020 Faces of Fraud Survey
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Amount of fraud loss in 2020.
– Javelin

Enterprise Admin Authentication

Use your existing active directory (AD) or Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) single sign-on application to log into Alkami’s Admin portal. Automatically sync admin roles based on AD groups. Password expiration and requirements are controlled through AD.

Fraud Extracts

Available to Alkami clients who utilize third-party fraud prevention partners, this is a way to monitor for fraud on a regular basis using your data. Reduce your risk by regularly reviewing and acting on fraud that was not able to be caught real-time while providing users with the peace of mind that comes from knowing account activity is reviewed daily.

Hard and Soft Security Tokens

The Alkami Platform offers time-based passcodes for multi-factor authentication that are active for a short period of time, providing a higher level of security and user confidence. Increase security as the hard token or Entrust App generates and delivers codes instead of email or SMS transmission.

Extensive Security Integrations

Our partner solutions provide real-time threat assessments to reduce overall risk while streamlining the user experience. Limit access to online banking from devices that may not be secure, use machine learning to analyze login activity and transactions, monitor threat intelligence, authenticate users through push notifications, and more with the extensible, scalable Alkami Platform.

The gold standard of security and fraud protection solutions.