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Personalized Marketing

Engage banking account holders at their moment of need using personalized, data-driven insights to improve your marketing.
The Problem

Delivering experiences that are adaptive and relevant is difficult without access to account holder insights that are secure, easy-to-use, and updated in real time. Getting the resources and permission to securely integrate your account holder data to a marketing platform increases the challenge.

The Solution

Alkami provides an easy and secure way for financial marketers to leverage account holder data for automated marketing. In minutes, your team can deploy personalized account holder experiences without any technical or data science skills required.

Making the use case actionable

Always On Campaigns

Deliver automated campaigns across channels that are triggered based on your account holder data - no manual data management required.

Deepen account holder Relationships

Expand relationships with your account holders based on their product mix with your FI, held away accounts, and Key Lifestyle Indicators® (KLIs). Financial Institutions finally have the tools to reliably identify account holders with the highest likelihood to adopt a new product – on-demand, updated daily and deployed alongside a full suite of account holder Insights. Be one of the elite financial institutions that use KLI account holder Insights to identify and target the right cross sell audience.

Deliver Relevant Messaging

Account holders are demanding more meaningful, relevant messaging that pertains to their lifestyle. Don't disappoint.

Engage Website Visitors

Deliver relevant experiences to both known and unknown website visitors based on their interactions on your website.

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