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Online Bill Pay Adoption

Gain insight into account holder online bill payments to promote increased usage.
The Problem

Bill pay engagement is important to building a long-term relationship with account holders. With many bill pay options available, account holders need to be educated why your solution is the best for them.

The Solution

Target account holders who are most likely to pay their bills online with messaging about the benefits of your online bill payment solution.

Making the use case actionable

Segment your user base by their likelihood to pay their bills online. Educate account holders about the benefits of using your online bill payment solution.

Combine other KLIs from transaction data to encourage usage of online bill pay for common categories like utilities, cell phone, cable, and internet.

Create an incentive for bill pay usage. Promote the incentive in your digital banking channel.

Customer Insights & Marketing Automation​

Consumers now demand personalized experiences from every interaction. Our Key Lifestyle Indicators® and Key Business Indicators® provide insights about your customers that span all aspects of their financial journey from product utilization to held-away accounts.

These insights and data analytics can inform your institution’s strategies for delivering truly targeted and relevant personalized engagements every time, leading to increased profit and brand loyalty.

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