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Fostering Innovation and Leveraging Emerging Technology

As innovation becomes an integral part of a financial institution’s success, banking leaders have become overwhelmed by the new technology-driven day-to-day. The speed required to catch up with what users expect from their banking experience was enough of a challenge, but keeping pace with innovations that maintain relevance in the marketplace is increasingly difficult. The speed of today can only be met through partnerships with those whose business is maintaining or establishing that pace.

Join Jim Marous, co-publisher of The Financial Brand, and Alkami CTO Marc Jones for Banking Transformation: Fostering Innovation and Leveraging Emerging Technology, an exploration of what it takes to augment the way your FI approaches digital banking and the concept of innovation:

  • Considering innovation as more than a technological upgrade
  • Avoiding “Innovation Theater” to make meaningful progress with emerging technology
  • Aligning your FI’s aspirational and tactical goals with a partner’s innovation strategy

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