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Elevating Your FI with the Power of Data

With the amount of data banks and credit unions have, making sense of it all can seem impossible. Employing the latest data analytics tools isn’t enough to make data work for financial institutions (FIs) either. Without a clear strategy, a wealth of data doesn’t benefit FIs.

Aite Group Senior Analyst, Tiffani Montez and Alkami Manager of Product Strategy, Melissa Henricks share findings from recent Aite surveys that reveal FIs’ top challenges, priorities, and missing data capabilities that would provide strategic differentiation and user growth. From these insights, attendees will gain a foothold on developing a data strategy that incorporates:

  • The ability to quickly and effectively align data strategy with organizational priorities
  • Using data to build user engagement and maintain a competitive edge through personalized experiences
  • Orchestrating data across the enterprise so the right person gets the right information at the right time

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