Money Movement Solutions for Banks & Credit Unions

Cloud-native, open, unified money movement

Digital banking users demand constant innovation, and FIs must evolve and shift with new solutions to meet expectations. To stay competitive and leverage modern fintech solutions to your FI’s advantage, offering direct in-app access to innovative solutions your users already engage with elsewhere is key. The Alkami Platform is designed to be the central hub for your users to access a multitude of money movement tools, all in one place.
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The total transaction volume of mobile peer-to-peer (P2P) payments surpassed in the U.S. alone by the end of 2021.
– Nasdaq
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Bitcoin holders who would choose to store it with their bank if offered.
– NYDIG “Bitcoin + Banking” Survey

Future-proof money movement.

Money Movement solutions on the Alkami Platform are designed to support rapid growth as new industry shifts arise. To leverage our nimble integration strategy, we’ve secured the infrastructure to support scalable solutions, designed to help your organization be a leader of innovation now and into the future.

Meet Instant Account Verification.

Say goodbye to outdated trial deposits that verify external accounts can receive a transfer but don’t confirm ownership. Instant Account Verification is a safe, secure, and real-time way to instantly verify and connect accounts with reduced risk. Our IAV solution allows FIs to decide which ownership types are allowed, and how account name-matching occurs.

Provide mobile-first P2P payment.

Leverage robust Alkami Platform integrations by adding the option for your users to make transactions directly within your digital banking app using solutions widely used across the market in the P2P payment space. You’ll be able to access third-party data and boost engagement within your app instead of having your users go elsewhere to make these transactions.

Grant users cryptocurrency access.

Powered by leading cryptocurrency integrations, users will be able to conveniently buy and sell Bitcoin directly in the online banking platform and stay updated on Bitcoin market value. They’ll also gain access to cryptocurrency education and FAQs, ensuring financial wellness for your users.

Discover the gold standard in money movement solutions.

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