The gold standard in community collaboration

Midas is Alkami's client networking tool that accelerates communication and sharing of best practices among our entire community in a modern digital experience. By sharing knowledge, ideas, and expertise for mutual success, banks and credit unions on the Alkami Platform can come together and gain more value from their client experience.

Empowering and encouraging connection among your peers

Midas empowers and facilitates insight, engagement, and connection through a thriving digital client community with an intuitive and modern UX plus a number of key features:

Extensive, Continual Networking

Gain easy access to all clients within the Alkami community. Search each financial institution in the community by products and a number of integration criteria. Our match-making algorithm also recommends similarly sized financial institutions where users can find like-minded peers.

User Groups

Network and connect with engaging peer and Product Feedback Groups. Create or join groups to consolidate peer knowledge and explore topics that matter the most to your financial institution. Partner with the Alkami product team in Product Feedback Groups to help shape in-development products and the future of product innovation

Idea Exchange

Share ideas with the Midas community and Alkami’s product team. There, you can influence the product roadmap with shared ideas and insights and vote on which ideas will influence roadmap development—top-voted ideas are reviewed each quarter.

Gamification & Recognition

Engage, learn, connect, and help others to earn recognition as a leader within the Midas community. Earn reward points with actions to attain achievement badges as new point tiers are reached, and gain community recognition at Alkami events and receive a spot on the prestigious Midas leaderboard.

Experience the gold standard in digital banking.