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Banking Transformed White Paper: State of Digital Sales & Engagement in Banking

Prioritizing consumer convenience, engagement and experience has never been more important for financial institutions. Doing so successfully requires a strategy laser-focused on customer centricity, but many institutions are not using their systems to their full potential, and in many cases decision-making trends towards reaction – rather than proactive.

At the heart of it all, FIs should be moving from a purely transactional relationship toward a more relationship-based experience with the consumer — and this can be achieved with a few main objectives:

  1. Emphasize the customer experience.

  2. Be a trusted voice in a consumer’s financial wellness journey.

  3. Invest in AI and updated data systems.

  4. Focus on enhancing your digital and mobile banking platforms for sales and service

In the Alkami commissioned report, “Banking Transformed: State of Digital Sales & Engagement in Banking,” internationally recognized financial industry strategist and influencer Jim Marous explores the importance of increasing engagement across the entire account holder journey, as well as how financial institutions are leveraging data and insight to support online and offline channel communication.

Read the report to learn how to successfully adapt to the changing consumer landscape.

Banking Is Evolving - Are You Ready?

"To build digital engagement and selling success across the entire customer journey, financial institutions must deliver hyper-personalized advice, contextualized product offerings, and suggested actions to customers using the communication channel(s) they prefer."
Jim Marous
Owner and CEO, Digital Banking Report. Host, Banking Transformed Podcast.