Product Updates

Our product strategy for 2021 includes enhancements and innovations in how our clients and users engage with data, experience the platform, and utilize business banking functionalities.

Empowering FIs with Data

With a focus on digital transformation and optimizing the user journey, FIs need an effective data management system and infrastructure to extract real-time data insights. The challenge is wrangling vast amounts of user data, which, for many FIs, is stored in silos and is often fragmented across a complex ecosystem. The key technology to drive towards these data insights is an integrated CRM solution within the Alkami digital banking platform. 

The Alkami open platform architecture delivers unique, actionable data through a single source that powers CRM systems with a complete story on the user journey. It interacts with an FI’s central-point-of-integration CRM solution that connects their disparate legacy systems, and it extends to deliver highly efficient, personalized, and automated solutions for seamless user experiences. 

In order to truly edge out Megabanks and fintech competition, FIs need to leverage data for all aspects of user engagement. Our marketing and analytics toolset, including our data engine, empowers FIs to identify patterns and take action, driving personalized content delivery and engaging users for deeper relationships.

Modern UX and UI | Mobile-first, Mobile-fast with Flutter

As we near the launch of our bold new mobile app, progress our mobile-first innovation strategy, and fulfill our continuous advancement promise, we have chosen Flutter, Google’s UI toolkit to build beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop.

Flutter helps deliver world-class products with the latest and greatest in UIs featuring rich animation, motion, and scrolling user experiences. With Flutter, we can more easily and quickly build native experiences from a single codebase that automatically compiles to both iOS and Android. The framework is modularized, enabling us to expand our SDK into our native app and increase our Mobile UX Refresh projects by 100% compared to 2020.

Since the user experience with Flutter is consistent across all platforms, and we’re able to develop mobile alongside web experiences, we can update all platforms in real-time. That means FIs can expect mobile and web updates all at once, 2X faster than before our Flutter usage.

All in on Business Banking

With an aim to lead our charge deeper into business banking, we’ve invested in expanding the team developing our business banking solution and growing its functionality. Our business banking strategy envelops two main focus areas – deeper expansion into the bank market and a future-focused UI/UX for business users.

Navigate Complexities

Navigate business banking challenges including heavy transaction volumes, multi-user architecture, increased regulatory pressures, and complex financial ecosystems, with a modern infrastructure built for speed, security, and extensibility.

Transact with Ease

Facilitate quick completion of routine tasks while still providing advanced options for exceptions to normal workflows. Some examples include country specific wires, fedwire, and foreign currency wires.

Personalized Experiences

Tailor custom experiences to FI and business users with flexible package configurations and business administration controls.

Partner Updates

We’ve positioned Alkami to lead the market in extensibility because we believe it is our top priority as a digital banking provider in an ever-changing technology landscape to ensure future-proof scalability for our clients.

We’re happy to announce the latest additions to our Gold Partner Program. These fintech leaders help enable our FIs to keep up with the speed of innovation through the Alkami Platform’s robust SDK and API resources.

New Alkami Partners:

Chat, Video Chat & Co-Browsing
The easiest and fastest way to adapt and thrive in today’s digital banking channel

Loan Payments by Debit Card
Providing choice and convenience with comprehensive payment channels, methods, & options

Loan Forbearance
Modern digital loan servicing and loss mitigation

Zelle + RTP for JHA Clients
Sending money to virtually anywhere and anyone instantaneously

Cryptocurrency Platform
A complete end-to-end solution for secure custody, execution, asset management, derivatives, and financing cryptocurrencies

P2P, Account-to-Account Transfers, Bill Pay
Smarter bill payment and money transfer solutions

LOS System Consolidation
Automate every step of the loan life cycle

Our clients also have access to Alkami Platform Systems Integrators (SI). This type of partner is a certified Alkami Platform developer who assists others in developing for the Platform by working with the Alkami software development kit (SDK) or application programming interfaces (APIs) in two methods:

  • Build custom-integrated solutions to third parties with Alkami clients
  • Work directly with third parties to facilitate their integration into the Alkami platform

About the Gold Partner Program

Our Gold Partner Program represents Alkami’s ongoing investment in ensuring our clients are successful in the digital banking age by delivering the nation’s most successful cloud-based digital banking platform. Our remarkable clients are among the fastest growing in the country, in part, because they are early technology adopters. Alkami recognizes the strategic importance of embracing the best of FinTech innovation and bringing the right partners into the Alkami platform.


Our Gold Partner Program establishes clear and consistent expectations of us and our partners for our clients. Together, we can identify and prioritize the most beneficial relationships for our clients and confidently recommend partners to our client community.

Why a Partner Program?

  • Establish clear and consistent client expectations of Alkami and our partners
  • Nurture an ecosystem that connects the right fintech partners to our clients
  • Identify and prioritize the most beneficial relationships for our clients
  • Identify and forecast the Alkami resource requirements for supporting the partner ecosystem
  • Confidently recommend partners to the Alkami client community