BAI Beacon

Your Guide Forward

With customer centricity as a strategic priority, its critical to create meaningful customer experiences with engaged employees, complemented by innovative technology solutions to drive loyalty and growth. Finding partners who can bring unique value, address complex legacy system limitations and execute effectively in an uncertain regulatory environment is essential for success. To win, you need to tap into the power of innovation and draw on the strengths of the human spirit within your team. BAI can help you push past the many obstacles in your path. Let BAI Beacon be your guide forward.

Unlike other conferences, BAI Beacon’s immersive, easy-to-navigate open-campus fosters an integrated and collaborative learning experience, where you’ll engage directly with experts from inside and outside the industry, like-minded peers, FinTech companies and leading industry solutions providers. Dive into the new Innovation Zone to learn more about disruptive new technologies, collaborate in small group huddle discussions to understand how your peers are leveraging technology and meet one-on-one with experts to get answers to your unique questions.

These valuable interactions will give you wide-ranging perspectives to stimulate new ideas and help you to think differently. And BAI Beacon’s fast-paced, focused agenda will help you maximize your learning and minimize your time away from the office. You’ll come away informed, connected and energized—for success in 2019 and beyond.