Marketing & Analytics

Data: the smarter way to approach marketing

A data and analytics solution to power your digital banking experience

For many financial institutions (FIs), data is stored in silos, making it hard to get a complete view of all banking relationships. When your FI brand is built upon delivering personalized and relevant experiences, this can pose a problem.  

While raw data is useful, the real power of data is unlocked when it’s connected to a flexible analytics system. This is the single source of truth where data is organized. We help FIs fully access transaction data and online banking data to gather deep insights into user behavior with a robust business intelligence and data analytics solution. With Alkami, gain powerful tools to do more with your data and be competitive in the marketplace.

Flex with Flux

Flux is Alkami’s business intelligence and data analytics solution. With Flux, you’ll have access to your online banking data, gain insights into your end users’ behaviors, and receive comprehensive identification of marketing segments. And not to worry – this isn’t just another spreadsheet. We’re talking about a 360-degree view of your users, their behaviors, and their banking habits.

Engage right - the first time

Targeting the right audience is no longer a gamble with Flux. In fact, it’s easier than ever with the right automated marketing messaging driven by intelligence from Key Lifestyle Indicators® (KLIs). Additionally, FIs can export automatically refreshed, prebuilt lists of users for marketing purposes or execute personalized campaigns with Alkami’s content management system (CMS).

Make it personal

To build 1:1 relationships, you need to personalize your message. How do we accomplish that? Artificial intelligence and machine learning. We give you the tools to leverage advanced analytics to customize the user experience for increased loyalty and share of wallet. View rich detail behind the scenes across all of your users to gain actionable insights for deeper user segmentation and relevant, targeted marketing offers.

Level up your business intelligence

With 16 analytics dashboards at your disposal, you’ll have access to invaluable data showcasing trends, exceptions and insights. Support your business intelligence efforts with access to a breadth of data across your organization – campaign performance, key performance indicators, user relationship scores, and more – so you can easily calculate ROI and continually optimize for the very best results. 

How insightful

Use data extracts for your internal data warehouse to understand and take action on data you receive – from users’ login activity, spending and savings, budget, and account aggregation to  business banking, and much more. With one source of truth for all of your data, your FI can capitalize upon Alkami-sourced target audiences for cross-sell opportunities and instantly convert users in a streamlined application with Alkami’s digital account opening solution.