Accounts & Loans

Open new accounts anytime, anywhere

Mobile-First Onboarding

Drive conversions anywhere, anytime, on any device

What’s the key to defining the primary banking relationship? Easy, the deposit account. With only one opportunity to make a great first impression, it’s imperative to build interest in account options through white-labeled informative product detail pages. Once you’ve caught their interest, convert users in an intuitive application that can be completed in three minutes or less.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Streamline your operations with automated credit & identity decisions

Applicants are looking for intuitive, quick experiences, and you need efficiency when it comes to identity verification. Alkami enables FIs to implement a Non-Documentary Customer Identification Program (CIP) to perform Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), and Specifically Designated National (SDN) checks.

Treat existing digital banking users to an authenticated user experience, where they can seamlessly open a new account, only prompting users for data not available in digital banking.

The Power of APIs

End-to-end data flow for real-time account creation

Funding new accounts should be easy. Offer applicants flexible funding options from bank account authentication to card funding. Account agreements? No problem. They’re dynamic to meet the compliance requirements per state. Empower your back-office with real-time core APIs for end-to-end data transfers from the submitted application to your core. Account opening made simple – allowing your team to do more, doing less.