More Deposits. More Loans.

Your solution to acquire new customers digitally and enhance operational efficiencies.

While many fintech vendors offer online applications, most concentrate on deposits or loans, not both. Here’s where Alkami differs. Alkami is committed to strengthening both sides of your balance sheet with digital account opening and loan origination.

By utilizing Alkami as your sole partner, your FI will experience a unified customer journey, aggregated data for cross-selling opportunities, vendor management efficiencies, and a reduction in team training costs. Set your customers on the pathway to financial success with Alkami supporting deposits and loans through seamless onboarding and automated decisioning.

FIs using Alkami’s digital onboarding and rules-based decisioning have experienced:

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reduction in processing times

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Yearly Cost Savings Per User*
*based on the assumption that an employee makes $50,000 per year and reviews 100 applications per month.

Digital Account Opening

In the age of immediacy, FIs must go digital to retain and attract new customers. Nowadays, it is not enough to have a PDF application on your website. Instead, consumers expect a complete digital experience without in-branch barriers. Empower new and existing customers to open and fund their accounts in 3 minutes or less. Enhance your back-office with dynamic account agreements, instant identity verification, and real-time account creation.

Loan Origination

As FIs across the country lose customers to megabanks with modern lending platforms and FinTechs, FIs must adapt in order to exceed consumer needs and compete. Introduce an online shopping experience where your FI can build interest and consideration in its credit card and loan products before converting customers in a mobile-first application. Eliminate manual underwriting with data-driven decisions.

Experience the gold standard in digital account opening and loan origination.

Support consumers with digital account opening

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