Customer Insights & Marketing Automation*

Marketing campaign management made easy for banks and credit unions

Engage the right account holder with the right message at the right time.

*Previously known as Segmint

Clients using Alkami Customer Insights & Marketing Automation experience 13X ROI​*

What if you could generate seven-figure revenue with a marketing campaign that takes minutes to set up? With Alkami Customer Insights & Marketing Automation, you can. See how fast and easy it is to execute revenue-generating marketing campaigns.

On average, Clients using Alkami’s Customer Insights and Marketing Automation, as of September 2022

Get to know your account holders

What account holders spend money on every day highlights what’s important to them. That’s why insights built from transaction data are key to executing personalized campaigns that drive revenue. By unlocking transaction insights, you can gain a complete picture of your account holders to hyper-personalize the messages they see.

Find your target audience in your data

For most financial institutions (FIs), finding the right audience may take weeks of back-and-forth with IT. With Alkami Customer Insights & Marketing Automation, it takes minutes. Having analyzed thousands of successful marketing campaigns, we know what works so you can get results fast. With Alkami Customer Insights & Marketing Automation, you gain access to 100+ recommended audiences that are proven to drive engagement. 

Want to do it yourself? The self-serve audience list builder makes it easy to segment your account holders using insights built from everyday spend transactions. With integrations to popular campaign delivery tools, you can execute more high-performing campaigns faster than ever before. Rest assured your account holder data is safe — Alkami tools do not require account holder personally identifiable information (PII).

Automate campaign reporting

Reporting campaign performance can take days of digging through multiple data sources and channels. With Alkami Customer Insights & Marketing Automation, your results are automatically tracked, by campaign, channel, goal, and content type. No more spreadsheets to figure out which campaigns drive revenue for your FI. 

Automated reporting allows you to quickly adapt to campaign engagement, so you can double-down on content that’s performing well and stop wasting resources on campaigns with low engagement.

Get hands-on support from day one

Each Alkami Data & Marketing Solutions client is assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager. These CSMs are experts in leveraging your data to support your marketing objectives and in using Alkami Customer Insights & Marketing Automation. From onboarding to performance tracking, your CSM is there to help at every step.

Unify the banking journey

Alkami insights help you and your customers grow strategically.

AI Predictive Modeling

Alkami's AI Modeling speeds your time to market and provides on-demand access to customer insights.

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Transaction Data Cleansing

Build trust in your transactional data and make better decisions with our data cleansing and financial data quality management tools.

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Partner Program

Ready to shape the future of digital banking? Alkami’s partner ecosystem pairs the brightest minds in fintech with the most forward-thinking financial institutions on an extensible platform built for scalability. It’s time to pave the way for innovation.

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