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From Complex To Clean

Transaction data cleansing is a critical tool that allows financial institutions to better understand customer transaction behavior and model spend patterns. The content of merchant payment transactions is often cryptic and non-descript, making it difficult to use for data modeling, customer analysis, or integration with other solutions such as CRM or PFM.

The merchant payment cleansing solution ingests a raw transaction string and transforms complex descriptions into a cleansed business name, and assigns valuable metadata such as a detailed business category.

Big Data Analytics That Tell Your Customer’s Story

Leveraging your clean, tagged data, we help you deeply understand your account holders and identify opportunities to best grow with them, through our banking customer insights.

By combining analysis of their transactions with an overview of their adoption and utilization of products, we assign intuitive and dynamic insights called Key Lifestyle Indicators® (KLI®), a comprehensive classification system of descriptive data tags that describe the unique characteristics of every customer.

Build. Target. Deliver.

Our all-in-one platform dynamically segments your account holders by integrating daily transaction data analytics, empowering your FI to build the right audience with KLIs and deliver targeted, relevant campaign messaging with multichannel delivery all in one secure solution.

The full-cycle performance reporting makes it simple for FIs to measure effectiveness and ROI.

Feed AI Modeling

From a library of 50,000+ available indicators, we select the set of KLIs that have the greatest predictive power for each event being modeled. Our unbiased automated approach has one important differentiator – our unique KLIs as inputs.

As a result, data preparation can be entirely removed so we can quickly deploy highly effective and continually learning predictive models to our clients with incredible speed.

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