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“By providing us with expert guidance, the team at Alkami has helped expand our thinking, provided us with best practices, and strengthened the relationships we have formed with our members.”

Cindy Dickey, CEO
Fairmont Federal Credit Union

Staying Competitive

Executing a comprehensive digital banking strategy can be a daunting task. Especially when you have to navigate multiple technology conversions to give your members the experience that they expect and deserve. That’s exactly the position Cindy Dickey found herself in at Fairmont Federal Credit Union. It was September of 2012, when Cindy and her team tackled the first conversion. She was vice president of quality assurance and risk management and tasked with moving her members from a very antiquated online banking solution to a new platform. Just five years later, Cindy and her team would find themselves in a similar situation. This time, Cindy would scour the provider landscape to evaluate technology advancements that had been introduced since the last conversion. That process would include comparing their current digital banking platform and partner – Alkami – with new, innovative solutions that had recently come to market.

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“You want to work with a partner that has similar beliefs and convictions, but you also want someone that can push you to become better at what you do”

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Building Relationships

After an extensive vendor evaluation process, Fairmont decided to stick with Alkami. “I guess you could say that we said yes to Alkami twice,” Cindy said as she reflected on the journey her credit union has traveled over the past decade. Today, Cindy is Fairmont Federal Credit Union’s CEO, and she is still talking about her partnership with Alkami. “Everyone at Alkami genuinely wants to support us and truly desires to see our team succeed. We know that Alkami will always be there for us when it counts.” Looking back, Cindy attributes much of the credit union’s digital banking success to one thing: Relationships. “That’s the most rewarding part of all of this, the trusted relationships we have formed with every team member that we have worked with at Alkami. They are transparent, humble and honest people.”

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“For me, as a newly appointed CEO, Alkami’s leadership team has also shown me firsthand what it takes to build a successful culture, communicate a compelling vision and remain customer-focused while experiencing rapid growth. I think about what they have done at Alkami and I guess you could say that I hope to emulate much of the same here at Fairmont Federal Credit Union.”

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