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“You might say that we underestimated our member’s appetite for digital banking. But when they saw how easy and flexible Alkami was to use, our utilization rate went through the roof.”

Mike Mikkelson, CIO
Educators Credit Union

Doing Better for Users

Mike Mikkelson, the CIO at Educators Credit Union (ECU), a veteran in the credit union industry with more than 20 years of experience, has seen how “digital” has taken the credit union world by storm. That’s why, when he arrived at ECU, he knew something had to change… the credit union’s digital banking platform. “When I first arrived, it was obvious that the online banking product that we were running was not designed for an organization of our size. More importantly, it did not have the flexibility and scalability required to meet the needs of our modern credit union members.”

That said, Mike knew the decision to make a switch would most likely come with serious reservations and resistance from his new leadership team. After all, the credit union had just put a lot of time and money into the online banking product that was already in place. But when Mike started sharing some of the issues that members were having with the current online banking product, he was pleasantly surprised by the reaction he got from leaders across the credit union. “I guess that’s what makes ECU such an incredible place. The leadership was totally open-minded and more importantly, wanted to do the right thing. They quickly gave me the green light to start looking at more scalable and flexible solutions.”

One of the main priorities of the search was to find a partner that would provide ECU with the flexible and scalable platform they needed to meet the evolving digital banking needs of its members. “Sure, with our old solution we could request a feature, but it would literally take years before our members could use it. That was totally unacceptable. We had to find a platform and partner that was not only flexible … but fast.” Another challenge was the entire online user experience for members. “Our previous product didn’t allow us to deliver a seamless experience. When a member wanted to use online banking, they would have to use one user interface. Then, if they wanted to pay bills, they would be forced to use an entirely different interface. We needed a partner that excelled at delivering a fully integrated user experience across multiple technologies.”

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“Today, we are working with Alkami on a wide range of initiatives. From helping members with financial literacy, to creating a Member Loyalty Payback dashboard, integrating budgeting tools, adding online card management products and more.”

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Starting the Journey and Seeing Results

With their priorities and goals in hand, Mike and the team began meeting with several digital banking vendors. According to Mike, “It didn’t take long before the right decision became apparent.” He went on to say, “After meeting with all the vendors, it was unanimous across our entire team. Alkami was hands down the best choice.” ECU’s implementation wasn’t perfect. But, according to Mike, “That’s been the case everywhere I have been. If we didn’t have Alkami as our partner — it could have gotten ugly really fast.” Mike really valued the fact that Alkami was there to help him and his entire team overcome obstacles along the way. “I’ve worked with a lot of vendors over the years. No one has ever provided me with faster access to the people that make a difference, like Alkami did for us. From their CEO to product management and engineering teams — Alkami ensured we had the right people in the room to make the best possible decisions.”

Shortly after ECU went live with Alkami in 2016, they started receiving rave reviews. Not just from a few members, but from the majority of their member base. Prior to implementing Alkami, ECU had less than 20 percent of members using their online banking product. Within a matter of months of launching Alkami, ECU had more than 70 percent of members using their digital banking platform on a consistent basis. Reflecting on the journey that he and his team made at ECU, Mike said, “Sometimes it’s hard to acknowledge that you need to change directions. That you need to take a step back in order to move forward. But we’re so glad that we did.”

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“Thanks to Alkami, the digital banking possibilities that we can provide our members in the future… are endless.”

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