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“Just make sure you have a partner like Alkami that knows what they are doing. A partner that has a disciplined process in place to guide you through the journey successfully. Without Alkami, we would have been flying blind “

Kevin Wilbanks, eBanking Support Analyst
Advantis Credit Union

Preparing for Growth

It was early 2014, and Advantis, Oregon’s 5th-largest credit union, was in a tough spot. The institution had experienced significant growth, and their online banking initiative had taken off. But there was a problem. Their current digital banking platform was preventing Advantis from delivering the user experience that members wanted. According to Kevin Wilbanks, eBanking Support Analyst at Advantis, “It was obvious, based on our online banking surveys, that our members expected more.” That’s when Advantis went in search of a new digital banking platform and partner. And that’s when they found Alkami. “The choice was obvious. Alkami was the partner we were in search of and they had the platform that our members desperately needed.” In less than a year, Advantis had converted from their old system to Alkami and the institution went live in January 2015. That’s when Kevin dove into the wealth of member feedback Advantis had captured over the years. After reviewing the results, Kevin remembers thinking, “We are so lucky that we converted to Alkami when we did. With our old system we would be stuck. We couldn’t do anything based on this user experience feedback.” Kevin knew he didn’t have the resources in house to make the necessary enhancements, so he immediately reached out to Alkami. “Fortunately for us, I learned that Alkami was fully committed to user-centered design and they had a UX Design and Development Team on staff.”

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“We are so lucky that we converted to Alkami when we did. With our old system we would be stuck. We couldn’t do anything based on this feedback. But because Alkami’s platform is so versatile, we can actually do something about it.”

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Improving User Experience

That’s when Kevin met Alkami’s user experience leader. “When I first met her, it was apparent that she knew what she was doing and she had a wealth of experience in this area.” After that initial meeting, Kevin and Alkami immediately got to work. By conducting intentional surveys and interviews with target members, they were able to identify that the primary user experience issues related to speed and performance, the login process, transaction history as well as the Biometric security and SnapShot features. The next step in the process was to schedule and coordinate the live user testing sessions with members on-site at the credit union. According to Kevin, “Alkami managed and coordinated all of the logistics and within no time, they had a real testing environment set up in a private room at Advantis with computers, cameras — the whole bit. It was impressive.” Kevin went on to say, “Because Alkami was on-site, we were able to go through testing scenarios with one member, get their feedback, iterate on user interface designs and then test a new design with the next member. It was so efficient and effective.”

After the testing was complete, Alkami quickly completed the final designs and moved into development and production. “It only took a couple of months before the new user experience was live for all of our members.” A few months after the new interface was launched, Kevin conducted additional online banking surveys to gauge the reaction from members.

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“The survey results indicated that we hit the mark and the feedback has been extremely positive. Without Alkami, we would have been flying blind. We could not have done this without their team and the flexibility of their platform. It was definitely worth it to go through this formal UX design and development process with Alkami. The most recent survey results from our members are proof of that.”

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