Client Story FAQ

Client Story FAQ

Q. So, what exactly am I committing to by volunteering my story?

A. Your time commitment will come in two parts.

First, at the Client Conference you will schedule a 1:1 with an elite marketing services company, OnMessage, who will spend 15 minutes to get to know you and understand the details of your story. You will also get your photo taken to be used alongside your story. We will ask you, in advance, to identify an Alkamist with whom you feel the greatest connection, and we will take a picture of you and that Alkamist together. So, all in all, around 25 – 30 minutes will be taken out of your day at Client Conference.

Second, OnMessage will follow up with you post-conference on a longer phone interview (likely 60 minutes) to understand in greater detail the story you have to tell. Based on your time together in Plano, they will already have an idea of how to best approach the interview.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. Please respond to [email protected]. He will be your ambassador in scheduling your appointment and follow up activities.

Q. Do I need to be skilled in creative writing?

A.  Nope! You’ll benefit from having professionals ask you all the right questions and expertly capture the essence of your story.

Q. How are you going to use this information?

A.  A few weeks after the interviews are completed, OnMessage will share with you the story as they heard it from you. They will provide the same story in three different formats: a 30 second, 2 minute, and a full 500-word story.

Q. Will I get a chance to proof the stories in advance?

A. Yes. This is your story – you will have an opportunity to review the stories in advance.

Q. What kind of information will I be asked to provide?

A. The stories we’re after are about the road you’ve travelled and the journey we’ve made together. We invite you to share the real-world experiences (successes, challenges, etc.) you’ve had as you’ve passionately pursued goals and initiatives across your institution. Our intent is to land on a story that inspires and enlightens your peers that currently or will soon be travelling that same road.

Q. Will you make me famous?

A. In the world of credit unions and banks, we just might 🙂