The best of Alkami Unite 2020

The best of Alkami Unite 2020

Taking our conference from a three-day in-person event to a virtual experience in less than two months’ time challenged us to keep the spirit of our annual client conference alive. But with more than 1,200 attendees from more than 150 U.S. financial institutions, plus additional consultants and technology partners who joined us, our belief that we’re stronger together was affirmed.

Attendees were still able to take advantage of networking opportunities and participate in insightful sessions that our conference is known for. Here were some of the highlights that Alkami Unite registrants can now revisit or catch up with on

Digital success sets the tone

We opened the day with our product roadmap updates and how we’re delivering the next phase of our clients’ digital success. Our CEO Mike Hansen summed the company’s vision up nicely when he said, “If we can get it right for you, it will be right for us as well.” Founder and Chief Strategy and Sales Officer Stephen Bohanon laid the groundwork for the day’s sessions by saying, “We’re not in the digital banking business — we’re in the digital success business.”

Session highlights

Marketing & Analytics: Effective Communication and Connection to Your Users
Attendees learned to reinforce their value to users to strengthen their loyalty to their FI. We showed how to actively engage users with delightful, distinctive, and actionable marketing content backed by new data-rich and engaging Admin tools and Flux dashboards on the Alkami Platform.

Business Banking as a Competitive Differentiator
We discussed user trends, upcoming Alkami Platform enhancements, and how our clients will win by leveraging Alkami’s Business Banking product. We also explored the complexities of business banking (heavy transaction volumes, multi-user architecture, and regulations) and revealed why business banking is ripe for disruption.

Taking Financial Wellness Further with Transaction Data Enrichment
In this session, we explored how simplified transactional descriptions lay the foundation for a successful financial wellness strategy. Attendees learned the benefits of turning lengthy, abstract transactional codes into clear vendor names users recognize, how to understand transaction patterns from a user and institution perspective via spending analytics, and how those patterns create new opportunities for marketing and financial health measurement.

Alkami Technology Innovation for Digital Success
Our CTO, Mark Haney defined digital success in this session and outlined Alkami’s investments that bring our clients to new heights of performance and availability. Whether it is creating a Gen Z-worthy experience, making data and business intelligence actionable, or improving our ability to adapt quickly, Mark showed how the Alkami Engineering team is moving aggressively into the future to help increase our clients’ success.

Reflections on Digital Banking During COVID-19
In our final Unite session, we gathered a few of our remarkable clients to reflect on the last few months. They shared how they’ve been navigating COVID-19, what they’ve done to help their communities so far, and lessons learned that could benefit our client community.

Waiving fees, 0% interest on relief loans, lifting money movement limits, and significant donations – these are just a few of the ways our remarkable clients have been lending a helping hand.

These are just a handful of the sessions we offered at Unite, all delivered virtually with plenty of real-time engagement via live Q&A sessions and social media connection. While we were happy to host everyone online and meet the challenge of delivering an engaging virtual conference, we’re looking forward to seeing everyone in person at next year’s client conference, to be held April 26 – 28, 2021.

To our attendees, we hope you enjoyed engaging with us, our remarkable client community, and our tech partners. Thank you for attending and participating. Finally, thank you to our sponsors. We could not have done it without you!

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