Alkami Unveils New Series of Amazon Alexa Skills


Plano, Texas, June 5, 2017 – Alkami Technology, a provider of online and mobile banking

solutions for financial institutions, released its latest offering in the form of an Amazon AlexaTM

Skill. Alexa, the cloud-based voice service that powers Amazon Echo and other Alexa-enabled

devices, now integrates with Alkami’s public API using CUFX standards, a credit union API

specification, positioning the digital banking provider as a true technology leader in the financial


With Alexa reaching more than 10,000 skills in February, the abilities of the voice service are

growing quickly. This new Alexa skill, revealed at Alkami’s recent client conference, allows the

Alexa user to ask for balances, track spending, transfer money and even pay bills, which

increases the set of financial services skills that Alexa can perform. The skill is available to all

Alkami clients that leverage the SDK and API set of the platform, and it has the ability to

enhance the way its clients’ customers interact digitally with their finances.

Accounts are linked between Amazon and the Alkami client using OAuth 2.0, a protocol that

allows for secure authorization in a simple method from network applications, as well as the

user’s online banking credentials. All communications are done using RESTful calls utilizing the

CUFX standards, ensuring security and ease of use for the financial institution as well as the


“The ability to seamlessly interact with the Alkami API using the CUFX specifications and secure

it using the OAuth 2.0 standard has opened the door to many integration options, the first of

which is this Alexa Skill,” said Eddie Wassef, principal architect at Alkami Technology. “By

utilizing this security standard and our API financial institutions can enable third party

developers or even internal teams to create value-add services quickly and efficiently.”

The Alkami API has implemented the CUFX standards since version 3.0, and they are currently

in use with its mobile application. This open, vendor-agnostic broad integration standard allows

credit unions and vendors to reduce the time and cost of systems integration.

“Utilizing well-known industry and technology standards allows Alkami to build a robust whitelabeled

solution that enables financial institutions to extend their product offering, experiment

rapidly with new technologies and dive headfirst into the Internet of Things,” said Stephen

Bohanon, founder, chief strategy and sales officer at Alkami Technology. “Today, it’s Alexa;

tomorrow, it might be ATMs that use NFC from your phone to authenticate you or an automotive

integration that lets you ask your vehicle if you have any outstanding bills and even pay them

while you’re commuting to work. Accessing and manipulating the financial data is no longer a

factor with the secured, standard API, allowing us to provide comprehensive, unparalleled

service to our clients.”

About Alkami Technology

Alkami Technology, Inc. provides online and mobile banking solutions for credit unions and

banks. Based in Plano, Texas, the company’s flagship product, the ORB Platform, delivers

security, flexibility, extensibility and a superior architecture for the future of digital banking. With

its modern interface, intelligent content delivery system and customizable feature set, the ORB

Platform is the ultimate digital banking solution for financial institutions. Alkami provides the

ORB Platform as a SaaS solution. For more information about Alkami, please visit, visit them on LinkedIn at

or on Twitter at @alkamitech.


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