A Letter From Our CEO

(As filed in Alkami’s S-1 registration statement)

In 2009, during one of the worst recessions in our history and at a time when confidence in our banking industry was at a historic low, a company with a vision for ensuring financial choice through innovation emerged. As a contagion within the financial industry spread across the global economy, digital transformation began ushering in radical changes to products and services supported through new consumption models in multiple industries. Several were ensnared by the trend and forced into demise or reincarnation, including record stores, video stores, travel agencies and more.

Alkami’s co-founders recognized that anything that could be digitized would be digitized…even banking. This inevitable shift to digital delivery and service would leave banks and credit unions more vulnerable or strengthened in its wake. They realized that the digital banking solutions available to these financial institutions would be the critical factor determining their fate. And, they knew digitization could unlock a better banking experience and enable any financial institution, regardless of size, the opportunity to compete.

Ever since, Alkami has been committed to a singular vision—to inspire and empower remarkable financial institutions to grow confidently, adapt quickly, and build thriving digital communities.

We believe that digital banking innovation and the seamless end-user experiences it enables are too important to be relegated to a handful of banks in this country. To compete, financial institutions must meet consumers and businesses where they are—online, on mobile, and on their terms with self-service delivery. Standing in their way is a complex labyrinth of user interaction points, legacy back-office systems, and siloed data sets.

The stakes are climbing, along with user demand for secure, frictionless experiences, as megabanks with significant resources answer the call through proprietary digital banking systems of their own. On the other flank are digitally-native challengers that attempt to disintermediate financial institutions altogether. The consequences? Financial institutions lacking scale in their technology capabilities and unable to compete in a digital-first world; local communities at risk of losing these businesses; and consumers and businesses surrendering to a scarcity of competitive choice.

That is, until Alkami. For more than a decade, Alkami has delivered a leading digital banking platform that stands at the intersection of users, financial institutions, and a growing ecosystem of fintech companies. We built our platform on the innovation design principles of a digital world—cloud-based, multitenant, highly available, fully extensible, and designed with security in mind. With a single code base, leveraging microservices architecture, we enable our clients to reap the speed and efficiency benefits of continuous software delivery. In short, our clients are able to leapfrog competitors several times their size by delivering a better commerce experience to their users—all over a platform with industry-leading uptime and one of the highest-rated digital banking applications in the market.

But our passion for innovation is only one aspect of what makes us unique. Take a closer look at Alkami and you’ll find a company with a culture embodying that which inspires our namesake. Our ancestors believed alchemy could convert base metals into gold. Indeed, it is this passion to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary that is at the heart of every employee, or Alkamist, in our company. It requires all Alkamists to harness our collective strengths to build, sell, deliver, and support a vision that transcends a product. We call it being “in our element,” and we believe that enduring market transformation is possible when we combine our expertise with that of our clients and partners.

To us, this goes beyond delivering a best-in-class digital banking platform. We recognize the importance of financial institutions as foundations to their local economies and we aspire to help transform those communities into vibrant digital economies. We seek to deliver transformational innovation to our clients by leveling the competitive playing field. And we hope all Alkamists will grow and thrive at our company—and transform themselves in the process.

And, while the future of this industry will be replete with transformative change of its own, we promise to honor the enduring ideals that our founders, who humbly count themselves as two of more than 600 Alkamists today, imbued in our company from its inception. We will nurture a culture of optimism, transparency, courage, care, trust, and fun. Our moniker reminds us of the transmutable power that is possible when we join forces with financial institutions that share our ideals. By focusing on our core competency, we allow our clients to do the same, and together, we unlock potential for our users, our communities and ourselves.

Our journey is only beginning. Our best days are yet ahead.

To our clients who entrust us to democratize technology on your behalf, you humble us.

To our partners who share our mission, you embolden us.

To our Alkamists who tirelessly commit your talents, you inspire us.

To our investors who join us on this journey to continuously imagine and realize a better future, you empower us.

And, to the millions of consumers and businesses who rely on our clients and our platform, you challenge us—to be better each and every day, to never relent in meeting your needs exactly where you are, now and in the future.

It is my extraordinary privilege to sign this letter on behalf of our co-founders and all Alkamists who join their hands, hearts and minds to advance our mission and our community.

Together, we create Alkami.
Mike Hansen