Gold Standard Series | The 3 C’s of Cybersecurity
Gold Standard Series | The 3 C’s of Cybersecurity

The 3 C's of Cybersecurity

Alkami’s Gold Standard series is back in a virtual format. The Gold Standard Series connects you with industry peers and updates you on the latest banking trends with presentations about what financial institutions need to know the most.

In our first event of the year, we’re sharing best practices and insights that help you tackle cybersecurity challenges. We’ll be facilitating peer panel discussions on topics that matter most to you. Anyone is welcome to attend!

When: 12:30 – 1:30 CST, Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Who: Our featured panelists include

  • Doug Linebarger, Chief Legal Officer, Alkami
  • Anand Singh, Chief Information Security Officer, Alkami
  • Jon Biskner, Vice President of Information Technology, Nicolet National Bank
  • David Glod, Vice President of Information Security, Mountain America Credit Union
  • John Stream, Chief Information Security Officer, SwitchThink Solutions
  • Paul Love, Senior Vice President and Chief Information and Privacy Officer, CO-OP Financial Services

What: The threat landscape today is relentless and unforgiving. With the cybersecurity game changing so often, technology alone is not enough to manage threats. To provide support for these issues, the latest Alkami CISO Summit will focus on the 3 C’s of an effective cybersecurity ecosystem: cloud, culture, and community.

  • Cloud – Cloud has become pervasive in everything we do: Dropbox, Spotify, your own home security system, and more. Most organizations are similarly migrating to cloud-based services, which creates some challenges and many opportunities to enhance your cybersecurity posture. Having recently undertaken such a migration to become a 100% cloud company, we will share insights from our journey.
  • Culture – Creating a culture that emphasizes a security-first mindset requires more than just updating the vision statement. Our panel of Alkami and client CISOs will discuss why developing a “security-first” mindset is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Community – Consequences of cybersecurity reach far beyond the individual, impacting communities, organizations, entire industries, and even nations. We’ll discuss Alkami’s focus on building an ecosystem that brings us and our clients together for mutual advancement of all our cybersecurity postures.

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Gold Standard Series | The 3 C’s of Cybersecurity